A Story

About Erik

Erik is an independent yoga teacher,

With the desire to connect with + collaborate with other Yogis in 2024.

He created Yoga with Erik to organize a July 4th Political Party

+ co-create EcoYoga Projects + Global Organizations.


Erik grew up in the Boston, Massachusetts area.

Inspired by the American Transcendentalists. 

Rock climbing,

And vigorous exercise were Erik's first experiences of transcendence. 

Vipassana meditation,

resulted in flashes of various types of transcendence. 

Rock Climbing,

He had near death experiences of Ultimate Transcendence;

He became conscious of the Spirit and the Eternal Self;

He dissolved his Fear of "Death."

Yoga is Immortality.

Meditating in the Himalayas,

He had Samadhi with Oceanic Consciousness.  🌎


He opened his third eye and crown chakras;

He absorbed cosmic prana.

In Soma-Yoga with psilocybin mushrooms🍄

He dissolved his ego and lifted the veil of separateness,

and could see and feel the Prana of the Environment.

Studying for his Doctorate,

He began lucid dreaming;

Studying for his Doctorate,

He became aware of Raja and Jnana Yoga. 🙏


He experienced Cosmic/Brahma-consciousness

In Soma-Yoga with Ayahuasca,

In the heart-space of peace and love,

He was humbled by interdimensional intelligences + beings;

He felt the love and power of Christ-consciousness.

In the samadhi and svadhyaya of self-study,

and study of the Vedas and Vedanta,

He had Transcendental insights into Yoga as EcoYoga;

for Good Rains for Foods for Civilization for the Evolution of Consciousness.

After about 10,000-hours of yoga,

He published the book, Climate Change Yoga (2020).  🌎

He completed his 200-Hour YTT Certification  (2020)

With the Stone Wave Yoga Community.

with phenomenal teachers: Liz Glover Wilson + Lisa Bermudez.

In August 2022, 

Erik started creating the first 3-Courses of Yoga with Erik

To share the Transcendental Knowledge of Yoga;

And to join with like-minded yogis, with a united focus.

To Party on July 4th 🥳  + Create Yoga Tech/Jobs;

To bring Blessings to the World,

To bring Peace to the World.


OM Shanti



Sharing the sacred, transcendental wisdom of Yoga.

Creating space for transcendental and transformational experiences.

The practical application of Yoga.

Revitalizing the global environment, carrying forward the ancient tradition of Yoga. 

Organizing a Political Party on July 4th! 

Organizing a Business + Job Training Program for EcoYogis. 





Evolution and Expansion of Consciousness.