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Mysticism Meditations

Samyama: Unity Breath Meditation

First, unify with the Divine Mother: feel love for a place in nature and send your love to the center of the Earth with intention so Mother Earth can directly feel the love you have for her. Your intention is so important. Wait until Mother Earth sends her love back and you can feel it. You are her child and she loves you. Allow your Mother's love to move throughout your body and all your cells. Surrounded by love, remain in this union with Mother Earth until it feels complete. Now unify with the Divine Father. At the right moment, without breaking the love union with your Mother, look to your Heavenly Father. Look to the rest of creation beyond Earth. Place your attention on the night sky, the Milky Way, moon, stars. Feel the sun. Realize the incredible depth of space. Feel the love you have for the Divine Father, the Spirit of all Creation except the Divine Mother. This love feels so great. Let it move into the heavens with your intention. Send your love into the heavens, and send it, in a sphere, to the Unity Consciousness Grid around Earth, or to the sun or the Great Central Sun, with intent for your love to reach all life everywhere. Wait for Father to send his love back to you. He will always do so. Let it move anywhere in your being. This is the Holy Trinity alive on Earth: The Divine Mother, the Divine Father are joined with you in pure love, the Divine Child, and in this state of consciousness, God is known directly. Become aware of the presence of God – all around you and within you. Once in the Holy Trinity, simply open your heart to the presence of God. God is always everywhere but humans do not always perceive God.

The Unity Breath Meditation takes you directly, consciously into God's presence. This state of consciousness is the doorway to approach all sacred ceremonies of life – birth, marriage, death, planting, harvesting crops – for the crops to grow and be healthy. The natural way is to co-create with God or Great Spirit, to assist in the cycles of nature to bring balance to life. We are the keepers of the Garden/Nature, and in this modern time we still are but we have forgotten our purpose. Without this inner connection with God, we are separate and lost. Use the Unity Breath Meditation to remember God and enter and remember the sacred space in the heart, with beautiful bliss. Always enter this state of consciousness first before you enter the sacred space of the heart. It gets easier and easier until finally you are in this place all the time. (Living in the Heart, Drunvalo Melchizedek).

The logical mind keeps people in their head/skull, which hides the power of the heart. Know the mobility of spirit within the human body: the spirit can leave the head/mind to enter an altered state of consciousness, an intelligence found in the heart. Meditation helps overcome and bypass the mind, including vipassana meditation until still-point is achieved. The body is like a coat for spirit, and spirit, at this point in history, is usually focused on the pineal gland in the center of the head, looking at the world through the eyes and feeling like the outer world is separate from oneself. Think of this like a game. Have fun! Move out of the head, into the throat chakra, and the other charkas, which are centers of consciousness. (See, Chakra Yoga). Practice moving your spirit to different parts of the body, and stop back at the throat to orient yourself before re-entering the head.

Entering the Heart: Move your spirit into the throat, then move toward your physical heart. Hear and feel the heart beating. Feel the softness of the tissue, and how different this is from the hardness of the skull around your head. The heart is female and the head is male. For five minutes, be in the heart and move back up. While in your head, use the mantra 'Om', and while in the heart, chant 'Aah' or 'Lam'. And see how the sound resonates. Feel it.

Ways into the Sacred Space of the Heart

We have always been in this space, but we have diverted our attention to a way of duality and polarity consciousness. We can learn to return to the primal state of oneness. The Male Way to the Heart: First, one mentally understands and the experience comes soon, to where we see, sense, and/or feel the toroidal field with our inner vision as it sits around the heart. As you move to the heart and see the smaller toroidal field, you see how the energy is a vortex. Let your spirit rest on the spiraling energy. Experience yourself going around and around, slowly at first and faster as you get closer to the center until you finally enter the center and start to fall. There's nothing to fear. Let yourself go. You'll realize everything is very still. You're in the sacred space of the heart. The Female Way into the Heart is simple. All you do is see, sense or feel yourself approaching the heart and allow yourself to enter its membrane. Let your female psychic nature take over and let your intuition lead you to the sacred space. Let go and move, knowing you are in Truth and going to move straight into this holy place. (Try both ways).

It's now time for the real thing, for actually having the experience of your heart's sacred space, to experience the holy of holies, the source of creation. Prepare for meditation in a perfect place, with a simple altar, perhaps with a candle, not disturbed. Use a pillow to support the spine if sitting on the floor, back straight, feet flat on the ground if in a chair, or standing with the center of gravity. A very dark place is best. You enter just by closing your eyes, with practice. Breath rhythmically, gently, comfortably, with silence without thoughts. Shift attention to your inner vision and begin the Unity Breath Meditation, the starting point for all sacred ceremonies, and feeling the flow, shifting attention to the Divine Father to feel love for all creation and feel the love enter your body. Choose your way to the heart: the male vortex of the toroidal field or female intuition. Leave your mind with intention and willpower, move down into the throat, then to the heart. If it's dark, say in your inner world, 'let there be light' and sense how darkness turns into a world of light. Become aware of the vibration, the sound that permeates this place. Listen and when the time feels right, make the sound. Hum it. Try to duplicate it and explore this holy space. You may realize your purpose for coming to Earth, the reason for your being here. Maybe limit the time to less than thirty minutes the first time and let the time increase as you learn.

This small secret space within the heart will change everything. It becomes easier and faster to enter and with practice, takes seconds. First, close eyes and confirm your love for Mother Earth and Father sky and the love that connects you. Feel yourself leave the head, to the throat to the heart and hum the sound/vibration. The creation of all life resides within this space; within this space, all things are possible. Each day, return and continue to explore, to remember who you are and why you're here on Earth. What happens when you remember—only you know. Now you know your way Home, where all worlds, all dimensions, all universes, all of creation found their birth. Interconnecting through your one heart are all the hearts of all life everywhere. Your heart field merges with your light-body, aligned, synchronized and one, and an experience different for each person.

From this state of consciousness, with the heart connected to the mind, there's the possibility for conscious co-creation into the outer world, to re-create the world into one of love and balance and the healing of all problems, into an octave of being where the Spirit can change outer reality by an inner intention. Any miracle begins with attention and focus of the mind and heart on what you want to see happen, with intention. The mental body sees the change, knowing for certain it is/will take place; the emotional body feels what its like (to change/balance/health/joy/love); the physical body feels complete healed, vital.

The heart creates through dreams and images and manifests through feelings/emotions. If you pray for rain it could start raining immediately even if there were no clouds in the sky moments before. It's like a dream: immediate changes are possible in the 3D Earth realm. The experiential realization is found as you continue to enter the heart, which allows the dreams of the heart to manifest from within the heart. Go into your heart, merge heart with the body's Mer-Ka-Ba light field, and dream a dream of a new world. Realize your body is light and the world you live within is light. Both are directly connected to your consciousness. The next step is toward realizing your Truth and sacred purpose as living in your heart/light body and creating from this place. It's an ascension into heaven. Consciously co-create with God a new life. This power is your birthright, your heritage.

The Peace Everyday Meditation

Quiet the mind with a feeling-experience of peace, with meditation. Go into the place of peace. Feel our connection with all people. Visualize holding hands around the planet. Visualize linking together in one global consciousness through intention, generating light onto the planet and the energy of life and peace. Merge with the vibrational grid of peace around the globe. The peace you’re being has already happened. There is 1,000s-years of peace, now! Have gratefulness, appreciation, and thankfulness to the Divine for this peace. Give thinks for this peace that has already happened.

The Essence Gospel of Peace says there is no greater power in heaven and earth than the thought of the Son of Man. Though unseen by the eyes of the body, yet each thought has mighty strength, even such strength can shake the heavens. Then the Son of Man shall seek peace with his own feelings. Act as if it has already happened and be thankful for it happening. We become a constant living prayer by maintaining an inner state of love, peace, and compassion. It sets off a chain-reaction towards harmony. We start off with a fleeting seed experience of the harmony of the cosmic mind. With practice, this awareness grows into a more steady state, able to communicate with the living field through our feeling state, the more effect we are able to have on the living field.


Guided Visualization for Peace

Visualize oneself filled with light.

See the light spreading out from your being and expanding to reach your entire town, area, country, continent, and oceans until the whole planet is filled with your light.

See people of all nations and races being affected by this light.

See them begin to radiate their own light.

See oneself in space looking down on the Earth.

Observe billions of points of light illuminating the planet with Peace.

Linking hands with millions of world servers, form a ring around the planet and as a whole group beam the cosmic light unto the planet.


There can be spontaneous changes in the Field of Consciousness or the Field of Biophotons, known as the Morphogenic Field (Sheldrake). World peace is possible if we shift the Field. To maintain the Field for unity, harmony and love, there should be prayers for peace, love, compassion, and unity, for the divine flow of God, every day. We become the vibration of peace.

The Peace 21 meditations at solstices decreased sunspots (about 36%). Sunspots have a strong correlation with social chaos and disorder, a hotter sun, global warming, and possibly less cloud cover, which further increases global warming.

Meditation on Advaita (Nondual) Vedanta

Remove the darkness of spiritual ignorance and acquire truthful knowledge about reality to calm down agitations and propagate the light of true knowledge. Find a remedy for the spiritual disease. Atman is pure bliss, eternal, synonymous with the cosmic Brahman. Knowledge about the relationship between the creator and created is only for deserving candidates. Knowledge of the sublime, enigmatic Supreme spirit is a practical philosophy and guidance to enlighten humans about one’s true nature and goal in life. One’s understanding is a function of one’s consciousness, to find peace, to see inside and behind the external facade of the world, and for insight into Truth, Reality, and Existence.

These Upanishads are the distilled products of exceptionally wise people—the highest philosophical evolvement of human kind. It’s a spiritual remedy to a world overwhelmed by the constant cycle of misery, pain, grief, and tumult.

The Upanishads’ conclusion is that sense-perception of the world and the truth of peace and bliss, is inside one’s inner self, not in the outside world. The Atma-Truth is pure, sublime, subtle consciousness. This Atman-Self is a microcosm of the Brahman-microcosm, eternal, universal divine nature, unchanging, cosmic-consciousness—the Reality humankind strives for, the vast ocean of knowledge/in-formation.

The Jiva/creature is covered/veiled by ignorance/delusions. Ignite and kindle the process of self-realization. The fruit of knowing thyself is peace, tranquility, and bliss. The conscious element in an individual is nothing other than the total consciousness.

The Supreme Being existed before the evolution of earth, water, fire, air and ether elements. He was 'born before water', the Self dwelling in the hearts of all creatures. His first manifestation is Brahma, the personal God or Creator, born of the fire of wisdom. The Great Self is the cause of created objects. This verily is That.

The Purusha (Self), of the size of a thumb, resides in the middle of the body as the Lord of the past and the future; he who knows Him fears no more. This verily is That.

As pure water is poured into pure water becomes one, so also is it with the Self of an illumined Knower: He becomes One with the Supreme. As air, though one, having entered the world, becomes various according to what it enters, so does the Atman within all living beings, though one, becomes various. The One assumes different shapes, being all-pervasive and unlimited. There is one ruler, the Self of all living beings, who makes the one form manifold; the wise who perceive Him seated within their Self, to them belongs eternal bliss, not to others. Eternal among the changing, consciousness of the conscious, who, though one, fulfills the desires of many.

Whatever there is in the universe is evolved from Prana and vibrates in Prana. They who know that become Immortal. Brahma is the basis of all existence. Man is liberated upon knowledge of the Supreme, realizing the nature of Him and one's relation to Him. Behold God within, to attain various realms in heavens.

Beyond the unmanifested is the all-pervading and imperceptible Being (Purusha). He is perceived by the heart, by the intellect and by the mind, with the purifying practice of meditation, with subtle awareness of the heart and mind. Know this and be Immortal. Quiet senses and focus leads to super-sensuous vision. This firm holding back of the senses is what is known as Yoga. Yoga means to join/unite the lower self and the Higher Self, the object with the subject, the worshipper with God. With all the rules of Yoga, become free from impurity and death and attain Brahman the Supreme. So also will it be with another who likewise knows the nature of the Self.

Super-conscious perception of the Divine is known by the purified mind, illumined by the light of the Cosmic Intelligence, the Mind, able to apprehend the First Cause; That which stands behind all external activities.

You have heard about it but you must experience it. Knowledge means union between subject and object. Knowledge of Brahman is beyond senses, perception, or intellectual apprehension, through meditation on Brahman, to gain new vision. This spiritual science is about the awakening of our latent higher consciousness.

The Upanishads are based on tapas (control of body, mind, and senses), dama (subjugation of senses), and karma (right actions). The Vedas are its limbs; Truth its support. He who knows this wisdom becomes established in the blissful, eternal and highest above of Brahman. “Everything in the universe belongs to the Lord. Therefore, take only what you need, that is set aside for you. Do not take anything else, for you know to whom it belongs.” (Isa Upanishad).

The purpose of life is to realize Brahman, perceived as the common constituent of every particle of creation. The sole purpose of the Upanishad is to determine the nature of Atman/Self, eternal, omnipresent, unchanging, undifferentiated, constant, not created, not transformed, not grasped like an object, not damaged or destroyed. Brahman’s three essential characteristics are existence, consciousness, and bliss (sat chit ananda).

Maya is ignorance of the state of unified awareness. Maya is illusion covering infinity in front of us and inside of us. Ignorance is perception of diversity separated from oneself. With the experience of Brahman there is liberation, the goal of human existence, the Supreme, set in the cave of the heart.

With regular practice of meditation, experience unity between the perceiver and the object of perception—experience Self. Knowing the great, all-pervading Self. This indeed is That.

From this Atman/Self arose space, air, fire, water, earth, herbs, food, and man. Having created it, He entered into it, He became the formed and the formless, the expressed and unexpressed, the sentient and nonsentient, the real and nonreal. By grasping the essence, one is filled with Bliss. It pervades space. He who is here in the person and He who is there in the sun—He is One.

You are the thundercloud, pregnant with lightning.

You are the seasons; you are the seas. (Shvetashvatara)


Brahman is seen as satisfaction in rain, as power in lightning, as splendor in animals, as light in heavenly bodies, as procreation, immortality, and bliss, as the wholeness of space. The Self pervades all, rooted in Self Knowledge and discipline, it is Brahman, the supreme wisdom, with body steady, erect, drawing the senses and mind into the heart. Let Him practice Yoga. The God who has entered into every being, who is in herbs, who is in trees—glory to that God. By him, Purusha, the whole world is filled, ever-seated in the heart of all beings.

As the sun He lives in the heavens. As the air He lives in the atmosphere. As fire He lives on Earth. As a guest He lives in the home. He lives in man, He lives in Gods. He lives in Truth. He is the Self within all beings. He makes his one form into many. Him the wise recognize as present within themselves.

May students of this sacred Knowledge come to me from every side, in the right manner, controlled in body, tranquil in mind. Learn and recite the Vedas with self-control and sacrificial fires. May the Supreme Being protect us. May He be pleased with us. May we acquire strength. May our study bring us illumination. May there be no enmity among us.

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