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The nature of the yoga of climate intervention involves influencing the forces of nature through deity meditations—recognizing, respecting, and cooperating with the weather and climate as sentient beings—or influencing the causal plane of consciousness through samyama meditations. For transformational changes in the unmanifest (prakriti) into different forms and phenomena, one operates from the absolute state of Being, the state of pure consciousness (purusha). Prana is the life-energy that is the power of Being and the expression of manifestation. Prana connects the Akashic Field of Being with the ever-changing field of phenomena. From the state of Pure Being, one vibrates and manifests, facilitating evolution. The yogi manifests energy, matter, and the forces of nature through the expansion of consciousness, Beingness, and at-oneness with the Field of Being. This mystical state of Beingness or Oneness is the causal Source of all nature and of the natural laws which maintain the different forms and phenomena in creation. The ability to manifest is accessed through the realm of Pure Being and Superconsciousness, where one sees how the implicate becomes explicate, where material atoms and elements manifest from the source field of pure consciousness (purusha).

To the mystic who understands it, nature is a holographic projection, an illusion (maya). The mystical worldview is described by physicists as a direct perception of the quantum hologram. Everything is a holographic projection of just one of infinite possibilities, with the holographic reality, reality is malleable and changeable at any time by anyone with higher consciousness and a developed will to change and create holographic representations. Your brain-mind-body-spirit complex is the world's most powerful quantum supercomputer—if you upload the yogic and mystical operating system. When duality is dissolved, there's a mystical cloud of unkowing and infinite possibilities.

The visible realm emerges and emanates from a hidden realm as a hologram and is not fixed and firm. Our reality can change with thought, belief, and imagination like a lucid dream. Laws of physics are in flux and can be suspended with emotionally charged beliefs. Holographic or dreamtime adepts are technicians of the sacred mind-reality continuum. (See the Meditation section below on Tibetan Yoga).

The holographic nature of reality is the edge of knowledge about subatomic reality; the event horizon of cognition. This implies a drastic, fundamental change in our understanding and experience of space, time, and matter. This “hidden reality” is a paradigm that allows for mutually contradictory realities to coexist in an amorphous but precise probabilistic haze. Quantum reality is that all experience is a holographic projection. The mystical realization that the world is illusory is not lost in delusional idea that matter doesn’t matter. Matter matters.

Physical matter and energy, atomic in nature, are composed of particles of light, imbued with intelligent action. People can influence physical matter and energy because our consciousness and physical beings are not confined to our body. The trees, the flowers, the sky, the ice caps, the Earth—all of the various expressions of nature—bow to the person who has made themselves the instrument of evolution.

Matter is not solid, but yields to the probing fingers of mind and spirit. Coordination of the four bodies—the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies—and the higher Source enables the mystic first to control the environment and then to create—on condition that the mystic understands and is not hindered by the illusions of the apparent world referenced in time and space. The liberated mystic lives beyond the causal plane in the formless domain of pure consciousness itself. Causality is a function of the observer's self-consciousness and desire. The Yogic Self can change things in the world by merely envisioning them.

The Yogi knows and experiences the fundamental Truth that each of us is profoundly inter-connected and One with God. You are an expression of and One with the Infinite Universal Energy, the Source Field. You have conscious awareness of inner divinity, as localized divinity, and you become a divine co-creator of the universe.

Sri Aurobindo describes in The Synthesis of Yoga, “The manifestation of the divine in himself and the realization of God within and without are the highest and most legitimate aim possible to man upon earth.” Nature mystic Louis Claude de Saint-Martin (c.1800) described how the whole purpose of evolution is to bring humans to a realization of their god-like nature. Saint-Martin was aware of the elemental forces of nature and the occult powers in man, and insisted on moral development as the basis of these powers. Saint-Martin said that people suffer because they have identified themselves with the visible world of forms and the external universe of space and time and not the truth of unity and the universal totality.

‘If man would only for a moment take a more correct view of the matter, he would recognize the dignity of his being and his superiority over the external order’ and one's ability ‘to use and direct those laws.’ The lower Mysteries, Saint-Martin said, deal with the laws of the physical universe, but the higher Mysteries—of higher orders and higher dimensions—are concerned with one's real being and relation to the Divine Principle. The final intent of the higher Mysteries is to arouse Compassion and show man his responsibility to the lower kingdoms.

‘Humans have a threefold task, according to Saint-Martin. First, one must regenerate themselves; next one must regenerate nature, which people have polluted; finally, one must rise and become a steward of the earth and the universe. Humanity's self-regeneration begins by undergoing and feeling pain in the spiritual members we have lost. This requires the cultivation of the spiritual will. When one begins to regenerate, one becomes aware of their great responsibility to the rest of nature.’

Physicist Albert Einstein said that the ‘highest destiny is to find God in his consciousness and co-create with its laws… We must begin with the heart of man—with his conscious and selfless service to mankind.’ On the path of life as a human on Earth, we can embody the archetypes of evolutionary transformation—the Hero, Healer, Warrior, the Bodhisattva, the Yogi, and Mystic. When we take on such archetypal identities, they pervade our consciousness and they can act through us. Bodhisattvas, Yogis and other Holy Ones are dedicated to the service of their people without thought of any material gain, to help maintain the highest standards of cooperation and honor. They use ceremonies to help strengthen people in good deeds, to follow the will and teachings of the Great Spirit, to have inspired unselfish hearts, cooperation, love, closeness and harmony with nature and with each other, which makes a great people. Those who reflect their goodness and wisdom are the true Voices of Earth and Sky.The contemporary heroes who restore the Spirit walk in beauty, and their teachings are overlaid with newer legends and ceremonial ways.

Your full potential is unfolded with regular training, guidance, meditation, practice, and regular activity—without stress, tension or anxiety—where everything is easy, unstrained, simple, natural, and maintaining the pure state of Being. You feel more energetic with better health and greater clarity of mind.


The division between earth and sky melts into a pillar of light. The division between humankind and nature is transcended. The separation between creator and creation is abolished. You are a being of energy, light, and consciousness with infinite opportunities and possibilities. You can experience eternity, divinity, cosmic Beingness and Totality, and absolute freedom, and peace without fear, tension or suffering. You transcend the existential terror of 'life, swallowed up in the eternity before and behind it, engulfed in the infinite immensity of space' (Pascal). You are fulfilled, confident, efficient, and present. Your full potential is to bring to the world the blissful state of divine life in a natural and easy manner, without struggle, and to live a life supplemented by the unlimited power of Being.

“If we came to our senses, we would be aware of ourselves not as only on the inside of our skins – but we would be aware that the outside is us too.” (Alan Watts, Ecological Awareness).

Nature Mysticism is the extraordinary altered state of consciousness and absorption with nature, the sky, the oceans, and so on—with insight into the ‘hidden’ truths of the laws of nature, which are various manifestations of the Divine One. Climate Mysticism is about being absorbed in nature with the motivation to bring balance and harmony to the elements of the climate crisis, to be of service to the evolution of humanity and earthlings.

With absorption into Nature, the Mystic and Yogi recognizes the environment as an extension of oneself. With this extraordinary state of quantum consciousness, the Mystic attains supernatural knowledge and mystical capacities to effect change on a fundamental level of underlying reality.

Our inner nature is one with the nature outside of us. The thinking subject merges with the object, absorbed in one-pointedness. Inside and outside merge into a state of unity. There’s no longer a perceived duality of the observer and the observed. One’s being is inseparable from nature (and from the universe). One does not distinguish oneself as separate from the object they behold. Oneness and Unity are pure Freedom, Beauty, Joy, Peace, and Love. One experiences True Beingness without boundary. The ultimate, underlying Reality is this pure, undifferentiated consciousness. This oneness and unity is the highest human perfection.

The world is a reflection of our consciousness. In the mystical worldview, perspective, vision, and being, distinction between inner and outer dissolves. The environment is within. The storms in the sky are within. The energy of a thousand suns is within. “You carry Mother Earth within you. She is not outside of you. Mother Earth is not just your environment. In that insight of inter-being, it is possible to have real communication with the Earth, which is the highest form of prayer.” (Thich Nhat Hanh).

Scientists confirm that the observer and the observed are part of one unified, interconnected energy field. Our thought-forms and consciousness are entangled with and have measurable influences and effects on the physical world. Non-mystics impose artificial limits with adherence to a limiting view of the world. Mystics perceive our fundamentally divine nature, and recognize our potential for godlike powers. Climate mystics sees everyone's divine nature and unlimited potential. This potential can be actualized and realized with effort, concentration, surrender, and meditation—and yoga is one of the paths to realize this potential.

Yoga and integral ecology are about describing and integrating the whole spectrum of lower and more advanced stages of awareness until one realizes that all forms of objectivity (the environment) is identical with the thinking subject (the person engaged in the analysis). This is the Phenomenology of Spirit or the Absolute of Yoga—the joining together of opposites into a unity—which leads to Enlightenment.

At the apex of Western Enlightenment philosophy, G.W. Hegel, author of Phenomenology of Spirit (1807), shows how absolute knowledge is the realization that all forms of objectivity are identical to the essence of the thinking subject. In interpreting the world conceptually, it is seeing everything in the form of self. The final form of conceptual grasp emerges, where the self or subject saw itself as itself the Absolute, externalizing itself in substantial, objective nature, yet conscious of itself in this very act of self-externalization, and in fact, as simply being its own act of self-identification in and through such externalization. In this knowledge of oneself as the sum and substance of all actual powers, this Lord and master of the world is the titanic self-consciousness that thinks of itself as being an actual living god. The Lord of the world becomes conscious of itself: the universal power of the actual world. (If a person is unable to tame those powers then their activities and self-enjoyment are an equally titanic excess.)

Hegel’s idealism asserts that the realities of the universe to be superphysical—either mental or ‘psychical.’ This is similar to how Friedrich Schelling conceived of an infinite and eternal Mind to be the all-pervading Cause. Likewise, George Berkeley said that the universe is permeated and governed by mind and that the belief in the existence of material objects is merely a mental condition, and the objects themselves may well be fabrications of the mind.


Nature Mysticism represents the positive, historical progress as a force for healing, peace, balance, unity, harmony, and self-awareness. The resolution of climate change involves the paradoxical Aufhben— both a sublation/negation and abolishing of our chaotic nature as well as the transcending and “lifting up” of our vital nature, in an act of becoming the Absolute, as human, Earth and Spirit, simultaneously manifesting phenomenal changes in our inner- and outer-environment in a way that contradictions and tensions are reconciled as part of a comprehensive, evolving unity.

Godliness and supernormal abilities can, without essential moral training and maturity, reinforce ego, separateness, pride, arrogance, and cause catastrophic storms. Mystics warn about an over-fascination with supernormal siddhi powers and perfections involved with changing ourselves and the environment. People get distracted with remote viewing distant lands, reading minds, and the infinite experiences of archetypal dramas—although inspired story and archetypes of the Wise and Mystical are powerful techniques to facilitate mystical awakenings.

“The ultimate I is Christ, is Buddha, is Emptiness itself: such is the startling testimony of the world's great mystics and sages. The world's great mystics observe how self goes straight to God, straight to Spirit, straight to the very Divine. From this divine, quantum consciousness, one is One and can perform miracles.” (Ken Wilber, author of A Brief History of Everything (1996, 2017) and Integral Spirituality (2007).)

In the Integral Theory paradigm, the Climate Yogi integrates in a healthy way all of the levels of consciousness: Archaic (the level connected to nature, with extra-sensory perception for trans-species and extra-dimensional communication), Tribal-Magical (the family, athletic and corporate team level), Egocentric (the gambling, rock star, and fighting level), Mythic (the government, military, corporate, and church level), Rational (the scientific level with desire for liberty, freedom, and a comfortable lifestyle), Pluralistic (empathic with the web of life, challenging the modern worldview assumptions and ideologies), Integral (the level that prioritizes knowledge and self-actualization, challenging limited worldviews and drama, analyzing the inner and outer world), and Transpersonal (the mystical level that embodies the inner and outer world, interweaving all the healthy qualities of the previous stages, with a sense of being in the world as a grand unification).

In the language of the Integral Theory, the climate yogi is participating in the evolution of the collective interior (cultural mysticism) and the collective exterior (social community with mysticism practices) beyond the nation-state, towards a planetary whole. The leaders of Mysticism and Yoga evolve their individual-interior—intentional vision, logic, and intuition for mystical changes—and individual-exterior—behavioral evolution of mystical and quantum abilities that evolves our genetics and neocortex.

If humans peruse their growth and development, their higher capacities start to come online. Psychology is concerned with the flowering of potential in each individual. This progressive unfoldment of each person's innate capacities is self-actualization. This is what yoga is all about: self-realization in all spheres of being and awareness of one's inner nature. The final aim is where one is in tune, in perfect harmony with one's inner being and external environment. Yogis evolve into more and more wholeness. Ken Wilber defines the emerging Yogi and Mystic as a Superhuman so radically different than anything that we've seen for millions of years of human history:

“We've blown the lid of possibilities. Superhumans are moving beyond traditional characteristics of human capacity in a profound way. We know what individuals can do to get involved to awaken these capacities and carry them forward. It's a quantum leap. It's the evolutionary edge. It's a significant new level. It's an emergent state of development.

“It's degree of consciousness: Any time you think bigger, any time you include a larger perspective and expand your capacity to include these ideas, you are contributing to this revolution. It's astonishing.

“What does it mean for the future of the planet as the superhuman potential becomes more mainstream? It's a revolutionary transformation. There's nothing even close to what we've seen before. We need more people in this superhuman condition. They are actual capacities that you already have, many of which you don't even know about it, but it's active in you, in your DNA. It's a new era, man, woman, dawn, age, and horizon. Welcome to our super-humanity!”

The next stage in human evolution is a gnostic being that knows the cosmic forces and their movements and significance as part of oneself. Activate your DNA and superhuman potential through meditation, sound, water, crystal, and energy work. Access your higher self, with continuous connection to Source. We have a quantum partnership with our DNA. Our DNA is also affected by habits of emotions, thoughts, and environments. Decode toxic habits and create new codes for spirit, vision, expression, love, joy, action, responsibility, and mysticism.

Only engage in the world of desires and siddhis with yamas and niyamas—ethics and observances—with right view, resolve, speech, action, livelihood, effort, mindfulness and consciousness—the Buddhist Eightfold Path to liberation from samsara/suffering, culminating in samadhi. Mystics and yogis generally encourage people to develop powerful healing siddhis such as Reiki, to be of selfless service to others, to reduce suffering and disease. Likewise, Climate Yoga is about energy healing for the earth, for developing healing abilities to restore symbiotic harmony with the Earth, to heal the plants and trees, to purify lakes and oceans, and so on, on a planetary scale.

Peace with nature requires us to attune ourselves and be sensitive to our inner nature so that we can know Nature as an extension of our Self. The climate mystic exists in unity with environmental energies and can channel higher cosmic energies to enhance the life-force of the living environment. The most important change for climate change is of a shift to a broader worldview and higher perspective about our relationship with Nature: of a partnership fostering an alive and vital Earth. When we live in harmony with Earth, the rain will fall where it is needed and the sun will shine on a beautiful and vibrant world.


Unity with Nature

The purpose of Climate Yoga is to initiate more people into the ancient, indigenous, mystical, and quantum reality of unification and entanglement with the environment. With mass collaboration, Climate Yogis can significantly contribute to a mass-coherence, a super-radiance of life-force (prana) for healing Earth's ecosystems. The goal is to develop our intention and will to develop our ability to project our thoughts-feelings-consciousness-light-energy to have a measurable impact on the environment in remote locations.

The Western worldview is brain-based and the Yogi's worldview is heart-based. With training—and quantum nutrition—we can see and perceive far more with our heart than with our brain. Our heart's energy field is measured to be about 5,000 times stronger than our brains. This is further evidence that the language of mysticism and the language of miracles, is the language of the heart, the language of love—a more intuitive language that transcends intellect, logic, and rational thinking. The heart is the primary organ of perception of the quantum reality around us, except that it’s usually subconscious. The yogi and the mystic develops their heart-based perception, which is a dramatic (5,000 times!) expansion of consciousness into super-consciousness, an evolutionary force.

The Mystic’s emphasis on the heart is because the heart is the gateway to the Source and the Zero Point or Source Field. The heart is the gateway between the inner and the outer worlds. This is the Secret Teaching of All Ages. This is the secret of the Philosopher’s Stone, about the alchemical transmutation of the living life.

At the heart of Climate Yoga, is the experience where one's sense of self is dissolved and you become One, interconnected with everything. From that state of Being, when you shift your “inner” consciousness, you can create a shift in your “outer” consciousness – which creates what's called a “miracle” by people who do not have eyes or the heart to see.

From duality to unity, there's an interbeing with everything. You realize that you—and everyone—are a hybrid species, both human and divine. You no longer believe in God/Brahman; you know God/Brahman. One sees how everything is perfect and divine, even, paradoxically, the climate crisis, as an opportunity for the evolution of Self-consciousness. You are part of the rescue mission to evolve Earth. You came here on purpose and your life counts for something grand.

False identification with the material world brings many problems, which is why yogis generally avoid the materalistic path of fruititive activity. Activities such as Climate Yoga can be the source and breeding ground of material desires in this life and the next. (S. Bhagavatam 5.14.23).

In the yogic and mystical perspective, one perceives and experiences our interbeing with others, with greater wholeness and unity where the living Earth is part of our extended material and energy body. When you change your consciousness, you change the nature of reality. But, even if you have not yet mastered Yoga or mysticism, it's important to act as if you have—and then you will.


To the eye of the man of Imagination

Nature is imagination itself.

As man is, so he sees.

~ William Blake


‘All would flow naturally and easily if the self were widened and deepened so that the protection of nature was felt and perceived as protection of our very selves.’ (Arne Naess).

'It's not about first getting enlightened and then acting. As we work to heal the Earth, the Earth heals us. The most hopeful development of our time is when the notion of self, a metaphoric construct of identity and agency, is replaced by an ecological self or an eco-self. It's a combining of the mystical with the practical and pragmatic, transcending separateness, alienation, and fragmentation. Pathological individualism of the ego-self is facing the danger of mass annihilation and a resurgence of non-dualistic spiritualties that break the self out of its boundaries.

The self is a metaphor. We can decide to limit it to our skin, our family, our organization, or our species. We can select its boundaries in objective reality. Our mind and consciousness is also interconnected with the entire pattern of objective reality. Dismantle the ego-self and create the eco-self. You wake up to the realization that you cannot isolate a separate self; it's only the foundation for delusion, attachment, and suffering. We experience our self through an ever-widening process of identification.' (World as Lover, World as Self, Joanna Macy).

If one transcends the objective, dualistic reality, one develops the mystical perspective. Mysticism is defined as the final stage of meditation, with direct perception of ultimate reality, divinity, and complete unity with all things. From this perspective, one's internal state of consciousness is interconnected with and has a direct influence on the external state of nature.

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