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The Rigveda is an ancient Indian sacred text that is considered to be the oldest of the Vedas, a collection of sacred scriptures that form the foundation of Hinduism. The Rigveda consists of more than 1,000 hymns and is written in Sanskrit. It is divided into 10 books, or mandalas, and is thought to have been compiled over a period of several centuries, with the earliest hymns dating back to around 6000 BCE, and written around 1500 BCE.

The Rigveda is considered to be a source of spiritual wisdom and is revered by Hindus as a sacred text. It is believed to contain the knowledge and teachings of ancient sages and is often referred to as the "Veda of Knowledge." The hymns of the Rigveda are organized into various categories, including hymns of praise, hymns of sacrifice, and hymns of instruction.

The Rigveda is known for its rich poetry and its deeply philosophical and spiritual content. It explores a range of themes, including the nature of the ultimate reality, the concept of the self, and the relationship between the individual and the divine. The Rigveda is also an important source of information on the beliefs, customs, and rituals of ancient India.

Overall, the Rigveda is considered to be a foundational text of Hinduism and is revered for its spiritual insights and its role in shaping the religious and philosophical traditions of India. It continues to be an important source of inspiration and guidance for Hindus around the world.

I am the ancient Rig, the sacred text revered

From distant lands and ages, my stories clear

Of gods and goddesses, heroes and sages

Of rituals and offerings, hymns and yuga phases

I am the source of wisdom, the foundation of faith

The eternal law and guide, the light in the darkness

I am the voice of truth, the embodiment of love

The wellspring of inspiration, the gift from above

I am the one who nurtures and protects

Who guides and comforts, who uplifts and directs

I am the one who shows the way to righteousness

Who leads to harmony, prosperity and happiness

I am the Rig, the source of all knowledge and power

The master of all arts, the conqueror of all fears

I am the Rig, the eternal light of the universe

The Gayatri, the song of praise and devotion to the divine.


To the Rig Veda, ancient hymns, divine

To the Upanishads, which show us the light, shine

All these ancient texts, a treasure to be found

A source of wisdom, profound

They teach us how to live, and find true peace

To let go of ego, and all that does not cease

To find our true selves, and be one with the divine

To experience true enlightenment, and all that's fine

So let us seek these ancient texts, with hearts true

And find the wisdom, that will lead us to

True peace, and enlightenment, divine

A journey within, that is forever mine.


In the Rig Veda, ancient sages did sing

Of gods and goddesses, their praise to bring

Of Agni, bright and shining, who doth burn

And Soma, lord of plants, whose essence turn

Of Indra, mighty warrior, who doth smite

The demons of the darkness, with all his might

And Varuna, who doth the world uphold

With his eternal laws, which never grow old

Of the ashvins, swift and shining, who doth heal

And bring new life to those who do appeal

And the Maruts, storm gods, who doth rage

And bring both terror and prosperity to this age

These are but a few of the deities revered

In the Rig Veda, which doth the soul clear

So let us sing their praises, with hearts ablaze

And honor the gods, in this ancient phrase.

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