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The Yoga of War (Mahabharata)

Welcome to the Assembly Hall!

Where the Yoga of War is explained.

It's a dynastic struggle for the throne of the Kingdom.

It's a great battle over consciousness and Reality.

Yoga is an ancient tradition over 10,000 years old.

Around 5,000 years ago, Yogis created the Vedas,

the eternal “Knowledge” of Nature.

Within the Vedas is first major work of Yoga:

In the Mahabharata epic is the Bhagavad-Gita,

The First Book of Yoga.

The cosmology of Yoga is vast,

with Patanjali's Yoga Sutras and Hatha Yoga Pradipika,

with Advaita Vedanta and Sankhya Metaphysics,

with Chakra Yoga and the Yoga Industrial Complex.

Yoga seeks to unite

everyone's universal desires for peace and harmony,

and to unify the East and West.

Yoga is a quantum leap in consciousness.

Assembly Hall of Humanity:

The world is in a State of Emergency.

The Environmental Crisis is dire.

The Constitutional Crisis is dire.

Assembly Hall of Humanity:

Earth's chaos is a conflict with cosmic consequences.

Our State of Emergency is a state of consciousness.

We're playing dice games with the Gods of extinction.

The dice are loaded, hot, and heavy.

Intoxicated, gambling is our weakness.

Greed devours all beings and leads to ruin.

The era of extremes is in our midst.

Humanity has lost the game and is exiled from spirit.

Humanity has lost control of its Kingdom on Earth.

Resigned passivity and inaction reign.

Assembly Hall: it's time to stand up and fight back

with the Dharma of social duty and universal order.

In Yoga, find the celestial weapons needed for war.

Master these powers and victory is yours.

Disrobe authority's tyranny.

The State attacks our Unity, Justice, and Tranquility.

Capitalism creates financial terrorism.

Fossil fueled industrialism creates mass extinction.

In the Court of Divine Justice, tyrants are destroyed.

Financial terrorists are destroyed.

War criminals are destroyed.

Industrial Agricultural mass murderers are destroyed.

The barbaric rulers of the broken world fear the Yogis.

Gather your Courage and prepare for war.

The Warrior-Spirit is trained in civic virtues.

Trained in Yoga, there is great beauty in death.

Do not fear death—death is an illusion of ego.

It's Ego's Age of Kali Yuga, the Age of Darkness.

The real environmental conflict is the battlefield of the soul.

People's fear and neurosis is an ecological crisis.

With Yoga, divine assistance is at hand.

It is time for the real battle:

The battle with yourself over your body and mind,

The battle with culture over your reality and spirituality,

And the battle to draw-down trillions of tons of GHGs.

You are in the middle of the battlefield of Reality.

The Book of Yoga leads to victory and success.

First, know your immortal nature. Claim your divinity.

Now, witness the tradition of Yoga:

Karma Yoga of selflessness, virtue in work and actions.

Jnana Yoga of knowledge is the strength of Will.

Dhyaan Yoga of meditation is control of one's mind.

Gyana Yoga of absolute reality is uniting with God.

Brahma Yoga of devotion to the Oneness.

Raja Yoga of mastery of one's all-pervasive energy.

Vibhuti Yoga of heavenly perfection and causation.

Darsana Yoga of seeing and manifesting the world.

Bhakti Yoga of faith and devotion.

Ksetra Yoga of separation of individual and universal.

Gunatraya Yoga of the three guna qualities of nature.

Purusottama Yoga of transcending material existence.

Daivasura Yoga of developing divine qualities.

Shraddha Yoga of faith and motivation.

Moksha Yoga of liberation from the cycle of rebirth.

Surrender your Will to a higher power.

Today, thousands of years after the Gita, is the rebirth of Yoga.

The Next Great Age of Humankind is the Satya Yuga.

With the birth of divinity in our hearts,

The Golden Age of Peace of 10,000 years is here! Now!

Having witnessed the greatness of Yoga,

You transcend the battlefield.

The war is among people, nature, and consciousness;

The last battle and the last fight is in sight.

The armies of chaos are killed in their sleep.

Millions are dead and few remain.

Women lament the dead and the massive destruction.

People curse God for the annihilation.

Good conquers evil—King Yogi is crowned.

King Yogi is strong, fair, and lotus-eyed.

King Yogi rules over society, economics, and politics.

New instructions are made for a new age.

The war machine is shut down.

Selfless service and peace sweep across the world.

Environmental suicide machines are shut down.

Nature is revitalized and rejuvenated.

Oceans are rejuvenated with phytoplankton and coral.

Forests are revitalized with rain and trees.

Soils are conserved, increasing fertility.

Billions of lives are saved.

Humanity's battle with consciousness is won.

The environmental crisis is resolved.

Supreme God-consciousness conquers the world.

Royal Ceremonies celebrate success.

After King Yogi's Great Journey and Great Battle,

King Yogi retires in the Himalayas.

King Yogi ascends to Heaven and faces a final test.

Thanks to King Yogi, all enter the paradise of Heaven.

Yoga was created to overcome today's Era of Darkness,

when society crumbled and the People were dissolved

with values, virtue, righteousness, and a simple path.

With Yoga, the Reality of a Golden Age is in our midst.

This is a poem based on the largest epic in history, the story of the Mahabharata. The Mahabharata is called the Fifth Veda, written around 400 BC, perhaps the most important book in the yoga tradition because it includes the Bhagavad Gita story of Lord Krishna, the first Yoga Master. The Mahabharata war is symbolic for the inner war within our consciousness, which is externalized in the world of society and politics. -Erik

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