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Updated: Sep 16

Yoga with Erik is a sacred space, a space of love and peace, to learn about yoga, the science and practice of Transcendence. Yoga speaks directly to the heart. The Yoga tradition is about universal, timeless, eternal truths of our existence.

Yoga with Erik is about the Yoga Perspective - the "virtual-reality", holographic overlay of Reality, seeing the Nondual Oneness of the all-pervasive field of consciousness, spirit, mind, and body. This mystical perspective of reality changes how you think; it changes who you are.

The practice of yoga restores wholeness in body, mind, and spirit - individually and collectively.

Yoga with Erik will blow your mind and explode your heart. We will only be able to skim the surface of the Universe of Wisdom contained in the Yoga Tradition, which is over 5,000-years-old, possibly over 10,000-years. We will highlight the best practices from one of the world's oldest and most important spiritual traditions. Our ancestors had incredibly important insights to share with us.

Rather than Artificial Intelligence (AI), Yoga with Erik is focused on Human Intelligence (Buddhi), knowing and experiencing the Transcendental landscape of the (all-pervasive) Mind/Consciousness. This has very practical applications, such as Rain Induction Technology, to ensure the continuity of our agricultural civilization.

To your inner guru and guide.

To your Kundalini-Shakti, by whose grace Freedom is realized.

To the One - You.


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