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What is Erik's Yoga?

Yoga is the Knowledge of the Transcendental Self.

Yoga transcends self, separateness, space, and time.

Silence between the AUMs is most powerful.

Words of sacred Knowledge are also most powerful.

Creating and holding space for people's transcendence is most powerful.

In the Sacred Space of the Heart is the most powerful, subatomic cosmic energy that you will Awaken.

What is Erik's Yoga?

These teachings are my sacrifice/oblation/offering to my family and friends; to the yoga global community, and to future generations.

I offer you the best of what I am conscious of. If you resonate with these teachings, please join me on this journey.

Erik's Yoga Is:

  1. Jnana Yoga of Knowledge of the Yoga Tradition, focused on Moksha/Liberation.

  2. Karma Yoga of Action and Seva/Service, of selfless service for others.

  3. Bhakti Yoga of Devotion, with Devata Yajna, the consciousness of "the gods" of Nature.

  4. Raja Yoga of the Ashtanga 8-Fold Path, including the ethical (yama) grounding for the samyama synthesis of meditation, concentration, and samadhi super-consciousness.

My Dharma is sharing the Knowledge of Yoga and Transcendence and its practical application to benefit society and civilization.


Transcending the body and mind and the (illusory) separate, individual "self" is the universal spiritual aspiration.

Erik's Yoga is based on Advaita Vedanta and Sankhya, nondual metaphysics. I will integrate the official language of yoga, Sanskrit, in a way that builds a shared vocabulary for our Yoga Tribe. Sanskrit is the language of Transcendence; the language of the Heart and the Language of Nature.

Yoga helps fulfill our universal impulse and desire towards Merging in Samadhi with the Cosmos, in Bliss, as Pure Existence and Pure Being. Sometimes, the experience is with the Infinite Power of the Kundalini Shakti or being Unified (as the Highest Nondual Principles of Yoga) the Atman/Brahman, Self/God/Source, beyond words.

The First Principle is the Atman/Brahman Unification and Nonduality. The other First Principle is the Purusha/Prakriti Unity and the illusion of Duality. These will be threads throughout these teachings.

In Devata-Yajna yoga, with an ritual to the gods (personifications or embodiments) of Nature, the yogi develops a direct relationship with the forces and powers of Nature. This is at the heart of the ancient (5,000+ year) tradition of yoga. The yogi has a direct effect on the dreamlike Field of Consciousness.


The ancient tradition of yoga is about unifying with others with common purpose and resolve for peace, harmony, and prosperity - individually, collectively, and with our environment. The original purpose of yoga was to help bring people together in common awareness and common thinking, for the evolution of society and civilization.

When a group or tribe of yogis are synchronized in sankalpa intention and focus, their effects are extraordinarily powerful. The primary focus for yogis, for thousands of years, was creating "good rains" for an abundance of food, health, wealth, and prosperity.

This is MahaYoga, the "Greatest Yoga."

Yoga with Erik is about focusing on this ancient yoga tradition.

The United State's 250-year republic and empire are in crisis mode; and could learn from the Knowledge of an advanced Vedic civilization that lasted over 5,000-years, and possibly over 12,000 years. Yoga with Erik will engage in this social, institutional and cultural analysis of what the United States and other states could and should adopt, to better align itself with Universal/Cosmic Principles/Dharma.


Constitutional Idealism, to align with both our underlying spiritual constitution and our political constitution's highest ideals, to align ourselves with the ideals of Peace, Union, Freedom, Justice, Tranquility, Welfare, Liberty - and the other universal ideals expressed by our political constitution. The Preamble says,

We the People ... in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our ordain and establish this Constitution.

​The Mission of Yoga with Erik is to help people/yogis embody their Constitutional Freedom, rights and responsibilities to express their grievances and petition the government for changes and to peacefully assemble. The Bill of Rights says,

(Amendment 1) Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

My vision is a Kingdom of Yogis; a network of Yoga Tribes around the world, to anchor the beginning of the next Golden Age of Peace, Prosperity and the next Age Enlightenment.

Being in harmony with nature and the universe, individually and collectively, is a categorical imperative and law of necessity. Only then will the Freedom and Liberation of Moksha be realized.

The Yoga Tradition includes a society that supports, trains, and employs yogis for rain induction powers/technologies of consciousness, for agricultural abundance is one example of the practical application of Advanced Yoga for Civilization today. It's a potential business enterprise (worth many hundreds of billions of dollars and the alleviation of ungodly amounts of suffering), accessible with the unification and training of Yogis.


My mission is to create a job-training program for yogis for developing Transcendental/NonDual Technologies and Abilities of Samyama-Siddhi-Yoga Consciousness and Sattvication: rain induction tech, atmospheric purification tech, ocean purification tech, and tens of trillions of US Dollars worth of environmental revitalization services, over the next decade.

1. Course 1, Transcendental Yoga, focuses on how the Paths of Yoga, such as (1) Loving devotion to God and all living beings, the Yoga of the Gita and Vedas; (2) the Royal Raja Yoga of energizing the body and mind with the 8-Fold Path of Ashtanga in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras; (3) Karma/Kriya Yoga of action and selfless service; and (4) Jnana Yoga of Knowing the Self/Atman and the Absolute/Brahman, including the Advaita Vedanta of Nonduality and Sankhya Yoga of Field of Consciousness and Existence, with focus on Purusha/Prakriti.

Established in the Yoga Perspective, one can apply Yoga to anything and everything.

2. Course 2, Yoga of Civics, is job-training for Civic-engagement, for Assemblies of Yogis, to engage with government. As a group, we can submit our grievences and petitions to government. We can Peacefully Assemble at State Capitals. We can advocate for an expansion of society's Peace, Justice, Tranquility, Welfare, and Liberty.

3. Course 2, Eco-Yoga, is job-training for rain induction tech, atmospheric (CO2-carbon dioxide, CH4-methane, etc.) purification, oceanic detoxification tech, and so on, for environmental harmony. For anyone concerned about the state of the environment; for anyone who believes that the Environment is in is a State of Emergency, EcoYoga is a way to address this crisis at the root of the crisis - at the level of causal/nondual consciousness, described by the Yoga Tradition.

Yogis can develop the skill, ability, power (siddhi) and technology to play/engage in the Field of Consciousness of Prakriti. The Path of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras traverses the "prakriti-layas", and the Mastery of Nature with a specific formula for withdrawing senses (pratyahara) and silencing the mental thinking/chatter (dharana meditation), concentration (dhyana) and visualization, and unity with the object of concentration (samadhi). You literally become Nature, you become the Environment; you become the atmosphere; you become the ocean; you become whatever you focus on. Mastery of Yoga is mastery over this state of nondual transcendence.

Join me!

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I discovered Yoga just after sacrificing over $100,000 and 7 years in higher education, on understanding society and the environment. I began practicing hatha yoga starting in 2007, but I did not become aware of the Transcendental nature of Yoga until 2012, when I began reading the Yoga Sutras. I then spent over 10 years and over 10,000 hours practicing and studying yoga and meditation, mostly while living in poverty (less than $15,000 per year for most of these years) and living outdoors and out of a cave off-and-on (for about 4 years) to enhance my connection with Nature.

The next phase of my yoga practice (and sacrifice) is offering to the world the best of what I have become aware of in the yoga tradition.

Yoga with Erik will begin with a 50-hour synthesis (in about 100 episodes/videos) of what I have learned over the last 10 years.

My first yoga was rock climbing. Climbing was my first experience with a heightened "flow" state, with transcendental awareness. My first nondual experience was in a climbing accident where I had a Near Death Experience, and witnessed the Pure White Light of cosmic consciousness, pervaded by pure bliss and tranquility. This radically shifted my awareness, knowing that Consciousness is far greater than we ordinarily perceive.

My second yoga was school, and becoming merged with the object of study and concentration. After studying environmental science and policy for several years at university, I merged consciousness in samadhi, with the Ocean. Direct experience, with the dissolution of the subject/object duality, is a transformational shift in perspective, in dissolving the self, restoring wholeness, and gaining insight into the underlying nature of reality.

I have had dozens of flashes of transcendence with the all-pervasive Cosmic- Source- God- consciousness; and with Christ-consciousness. Daily life can lead to flashes of omniscience and omnipotence, and Yoga can bring stability and reliability to these experiences.

Personally, I reliably Bliss out into the Nondual when I meditate after fasting (with no food) for over five days - which is part of the traditional ascetic roots of yoga; or when I take mushrooms and dissolve the ego or sacrifice the ego to ayahuasca - known as Soma in Yoga, also part of the ancient tradition of yoga.

Ideally, the yogi carries forward the meditative state, with sattvic radiance, and the state of super-consciousness, as a Way of Being, in daily life.


Traditionally in Yoga, the Gayatri Mantra anchors one's consciousness to Samadhi, in the morning and whenever needed.

Yoga is a Path, beyond Samadhi (unity-consciousness of oneness and nonduality) to the Highest Levels of Transcendence known as Kaivalia/Freedom and Moksha/Liberation and Ishvara/Brahman/God/Source.

This is the Aim. Orient yourself to this goal daily: remind yourself of this ultimate achievement, every day, and you will achieve your goal. The texts and practices of Yoga are Moksha-focused. (They are not about achieving pleasure/kama, wealth/artha, or Dharma, but these universal aims of life, of Purushartha, will also be accomplished along the Path of Yoga).

The result, of experiencing the phenomenal Path of Samadhi merging with the Field of Nature of Prakriti, is becoming conscious of and as the Powers of Nature - with sattvic consciousness and emissions of harmony, light, goodness, and good rains for society's peace, prosperity, abundance of foods, and for the evolution of cosmic consciousness itself.

Becoming more Sattvic is the Goal of Yoga.

The more Sattva, the closer to Moksha.


Atman is Transcendence.

Samadhi is Transcendence.

Samyama is Transcendence.

Moksha is Transcendence.

These states are all above the Illusion/Maya of Separateness. But all these levels of transcendence have very specific meanings and experiences.

Yoga-samyama synthesis of the 8-Fold Path stabilizes this Higher, Causal, Nondual consciousness. Yoga develops your knowledge, focus on heart-perception of higher levels of reality.


The operating system that supports the basic functions of society is Yoga and the Transcendental ability to facilitate good rains for Agriculture, for Foods, for Life. Humans are food-bodies (and water-bodies, and earth-bodies, and air-bodies, and all the 5-Elemental bodies, in dynamic equilibrium and balancing (of our "doshas", addressed by Ayurveda, for Dharmic-alignment, the sister-science of Yoga, which is foundational to an authentic system of Universal Healthcare.)

Yoga's path to realizing one's eternal, infinite nature, connected with eternal truths and the causal planes of reality that are, spiritually, the Constitutional grounding for Agricultural Civilization and a Peaceful, Happy, and Free society,

When the Yogi realizes the power of consciousness, the powers of Nature are unveiled. The Yogi becomes a source for harmony, vitality, and even good rains for the evolution of civilization.

Transcendence, with sattvic intentionality can, amongst the infinite potential, manifest good rains for the benefit of all, for the success of our crops, farmers, and society.

Transcendence with a sattvic character and being can also, amonst the infite potential, be a way to have interdimensional and interplanetary experiences - when we hold space for peace and love.

Yoga is a powerful way to expand consciousness.

The universe is within your Heart.

You are eternal, infinite, and powerful.

The sacred tradition of Yoga is to facilitate transcendental levels of well-being, peace and prosperity for oneself and society.

Yogis need to up our game.

The frontier of consciousness is the best game in town.



Be Great!

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