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What is yoga?

Yoga is the most inspirational, idealistic, and important idea on Earth.

Yoga is the source-code for civilization’s vitality, prosperity, and survival.

Yogis who understand this are the most powerful people on Earth.

Yogis are the Masters of Light.

Yogis are ‘Rulers and Guardians of the Seasons’,

Yogis are the ‘Guardians of the World’,

Yogis are the ‘Guardians of the Universe’,

Yogis are connected with the One Self in the heart space.

Yogis – rishis, and sages – are the highest nobility/Arya.

Yoga is the power underlying agricultural civilization.

Yoga is the power underlying a stable society.

Yoga is the infinite power of consciousness and nature.

Yoga is the sacred tradition of our ancestors.

Yoga is the tradition of ensuring peace and prosperity.

Yoga is the tradition of bringing harmony and healing to self and society.

Yoga is one of humanity’s most sacred, honored, and oldest traditions: it’s over 9,000 years old.

Yoga practice was, for thousands of years, reciting the hymns of the RigVeda.

Yoga and the RigVeda are a path to creating well-being as wealth and harmony with Nature.

Yoga’s original RigVedic Story is about how Indra defeats Vrtra, raining fertility during droughts; and creating cooling clouds during the summer heat.

Yoga is about yoking/merging with the Sky God Indra, King of Gods, in ceremony, with Fire/Agni, and Bliss/Soma – King of Plants, an entheogen, with heartfelt prayer and praise.

Yogis, in ecstatic rapture, dissolve separateness and acquires the mighty power of Lord Indra.

Yoga’s ancient tradition is lost and needs to be revived.

Yoga’s tradition and power was suppressed and devastated in the modern era.

Yoga’s suppression corresponds with civilization’s era of ignorance and collapse.

Yogis who recite the RigVeda and perform ritual, ensure society’s prosperity.

Yoga evolved into the Vedas, Vedanta, Gita, Sutras, and so on – the science of the Self.

Yoga’s mystical science of Being and Oneness is a fast-track to infinite Power.

Yoga is the joining together of opposites to create a Unity and Oneness.

Yoga is the “yoking” of the individual with the Divine Self.

Yoga is elevated, sattvic, a calm, energized, balanced, purified, interdimensional, quantum reality beyond space-time.

Yoga is a path to the friendship of the Power of Indra.

Yoga is a path to transcending all suffering and death.

Yoga is a connection to the all-pervasive Consciousness.

Yoga is a path to one’s infinite potential; the path to Self-Realization.

Yoga is a path to be an instrument of “God” and for “God”-consciousness.

Yoga is for those who have the willingness for selflessness and surrender to Higher Powers.

Yoga is a path that goes through the Siddhis, the Superpowers of Consciousness.

Yoga Sutra’s book III (25%) is about developing the highest Powers and Perfection.

Yoga is a physical and meditative practice on our quest for Knowledge and Truth.

Yoga is about embodying a higher consciousness for a wider, greater Warrior ideal.

Yoga is the path to the evolution of one Self, civilization, and consciousness itself.

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