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Schedule: 2022-2023


December 18th, 2022 - Launch Podcast! 🕉️

     Welcome! Who am I? (Erik/Jiva/Atman/Brahman).

     What's Erik's Yoga Practice? Projects?! Events?! 🌎🥳

     Overview: 3 Courses + July 4th Project + EcoYoga Tech Inc.

     Be a yogi with a common focus! Tribal Membership ($50/month). 

January 2nd, 2023 - Start Course #1, Yoga of Transcendence  🙏

     Being established in the Yoga Perspective of Reality, Moksha

     Yoga Perspective: 3rd Eye Chakra Virtual/Holographic Reality Tech.

     Aligning with Dharma/Cosmos + Tribe - local, state, and global

     Joined together with common resolve/sankalpa.

February 1st - Start Course #2, Yoga of Civics

     Yoga Idealism applied to Organizing a July 4th Political Party 🥳 

     Yoga Idealism applied to Constitutional Grievances + Petitions

March 1st - Start Course #3, EcoYoga 🌎

     Pre-requisite Certificate for EcoYoga Tech, Inc Job Training Program

     Yoga Tradition/Practices of Rain/Weather/Climate Technologies  ⛈️⛅

     Goal: 1,000 Yogi Members, resolved to training, $Trill social capital.


April 10th - Start the July 4th Peace Assembly Project 🥳 

     Creating Leadership Advisory Boards in all 50 State Capitals

     Goal: 5-15 yogis Advisors + 100-1,000 Yogis

April 17th - Incorporating EcoYoga Tech, Inc. Project 🌎

    EcoYoga Tech Job Training Program. 

    Creating Leadership Advisory Boards (5-15 yogis)

    EcoYoga Tech Inc, Charter, Board of Directors, Charter, Plan 


May + June - Community Outreach, Organizing, Unification/Yoga 🙏

     Wealth/Artha of EcoYoga - Trillion-dollar valuations, with 10,000+ Yogis

     Alignment/Dharma with common puporse, among the 100 million+ yogis.

     Alignment/Dharma with People's Grievances, Petitions

     Constitutional Rights + Responsibilities

     Tranquility Survey - Moksha Seva-Yoga of Civics.

     Goal: 100,000 videos, submitted to local, state, federal governments.


July 4th! Independence Day! 🥳 

Peace Assemblies at State Capitals

Speeches: Constitutional Idealism, 24/7 synch'd broadcasts

Petitions for the Redress of Grievances.


August - EcoYoga Science Journal  ⛈️⛅

September - EcoYoga Institute of Science and Technology

     Goal: 1,000 Yogis-Fellows; part time and full-time jobs.

October - Billion-dollar grants and funding for EcoYoga Projects. 

Goal: Trillion-dollar (Unicorn!) EcoYoga Tech Inc., Valuation by 2024. 🦄

OM 🕉️

Peace/Shanti to You, Atman.

Peace/Shanti to Your Family + Tribe.

Peace/Shanti to the entire Tribe of Yogis.

Peace/Shanti to Your Community.

Peace/Shanti to Your State.

Peace/Shanti to the Global Community.

Peace/Shanti to our Ancestors and Posterity.

Peace/Shanti to the Global Environment.

Peace/Shanti to the Gods.

Peace/Shanti to the Cosmos/Brahman/Source.

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