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Climate Yoga has reviewed the evidence and experience that shows:

  • There is a State of Climate Emergency.

  • The creation of the ancient practice of yoga corresponds with the Holocene Epoch stability (12,000 years ago).

  • Facilitating climate stability was the original yoga practice.

  • Meditations are a proven SRM and CDR technology.

  • Yogis see forces of nature as demigods and our higher selves. Yoga is a way to develop siddhis/powers to influence the forces of nature by controlling our citta and buddhi/consciousness.

  • Siddhis depend on one’s worldview, beliefs, and practices.

  • Siddhis depend on one’s state of consciousness, which is expanded with meditation, concentration, absorption, intention, attention, will, a very clear goal, desire, visualization, focus, love, harmony, union, imagination, knowledge, dissolution of the ego, nutrition, silencing the mind/citta, tranquility/sattva, Samadhi, tapas, mantras, and soma.

  • Yoga leads to Brahman/God-consciousness and liberation.

  • Tens of millions of people are meditating regularly.

  • Group meditations have the potential for climate interventions to meet and exceed the Paris goals (1.5°C, resilience).

Yoga meditations create measurable changes in a person's physiology. It's a quantum leap in one's energy field, from an average of 1,000 to over 100,000 biophoton light emissions. The yogi's subtle energy field increases from an average 250 Hz to over 200,000 Hz around the heart. Other biomarkers include gene expression, growth hormone levels, telomeres, and stem cells. Brainwaves also significantly change: the amplitude of brainwaves increase in alpha from an average of about 20 microvolts (μV) to 200 for the meditator; beta decreases from 20 to 5μV; delta can increase from 20 to over 1,000,000μV; and theta increases from 10 to 50μV. These changes correspond with the yogi's experience of samadhi oneness and siddhi powers—when trained and concentrated with intentionality.

The measurable 100-fold increases in the yogi's light, brain, and heart-field energies and emissions are experienced as a dramatic expansion of consciousness. Yoga can quickly develop one's knowledge and experience of Being the climate and offering one's selfless service with high-frequency light and energy emissions to affect profound changes in the climate system—and contribute to a trillion-dollar industry in creating gigaton-scale negative emission reductions from enhanced forestry, enhanced photosynthetic rates for various biosequestration projects, dissociation of Arctic methane, and so on. A leap of consciousness at the global level would also result in profound shifts in values and lifestyle in a way that would dramatically reduce emissions with the localization of travel, food, and energy; breaking fossil fuel addictions; agroforestry projects; veganism, and so on.

Yogis have, in the real world, demonstrated these energy enhancements that are correlated with powerful 'mystical' abilities to create changes in weather, clouds, photosynthesis, and solar radiation. Billions of people around the world are participating in daily meditations already, and by focusing on the climate priorities in meditation, anyone can become a Climate Yogi. The book Climate Yoga can help daily meditators, based on the Yoga tradition, to enhance their effectiveness for addressing the climate priorities—in a way that's systematic and synergistic with global protocols and goals—and for creating verifiable emission reductions.

Most climate experts and leaders are part of Western culture and society. This materialistic culture sees the world as a variety of separate physical objects and this holds dramatic influence over people's perceptions. This view of reality is opposed to seeing the world as energy and clashes with the frontier science of the subatomic quantum reality. Energy is the sub-structure of all the objects that we see. Quantum consciousness and science involves:

  • the wave-particle duality,

  • energy can become mass and mass can become energy,

  • energetic entanglement of everything we see,

  • non-local effects,

  • transcendence of space-time, and

  • consciousness effects observation.


This quantum reality is consistent with the ancient, mystical, and indigenous perspective and the lived reality and inter-being in which everything is profoundly interconnected. This quantum-mystical synthesis is essential for understanding the climate crisis. The climate crisis is a crisis of consciousness and worldview.

Yogis and Mystics have an ‘enlightened’ quantum perspective and see how we are beings of light, emitting light. With quantum consciousness, you have the direct experience of the quantum reality. The essence of everything is light-energy-consciousness. Yogis and Mystics experience and perceive this reality of light – they are en-lightened—“living within the light”—while the “ordinary” worldview emphases mass, separateness, ego, and individuality. Both realities are true, but one is limited and one is expansive and evolutionary.

For Yogis, Mystics, and scientists with this quantum perspective, it's clear how we are energetically interconnected with our environment and nature. With a shift in consciousness, one perceives how we are unified with the forests, with the ocean, with the weather, with everything on Earth and, ultimately, one with everything in the Cosmos. This expanded reality, identity, worldview, and consciousness has significant practical implications and is essential for creating fundamental changes in the climate system.


Yoga is the application of the Vedic knowledge and experience of our quantum reality to effect the weather and climate. The Vedas are the ancient manuals of the Brahmanical priests to guide people to invite the gods to help provide beneficial weather, rain, and harvests—as well as for initiations into adulthood, marriages, births, sickness, death, and so on. Climate Yoga is about the focused application of this ancient yoga practice to effect changes in the climate system—to cool the earth (SRM), reduce and balance greenhouse gases (GHGs), and revitalize the biosphere with carbon dioxide reductions (CDR). In other words, yoga is a way to develop samadhi consciousness to be in tune with the forces of nature—the rains, winds, and storms.

Yoga evolved from the Rigveda deity meditations to the Upanishads, Yoga Sutras, and other more complex philosophies, meditations, and sciences. Rigveda practice and discipline is a seed of the practice and discipline of yoga. Based on direct experience, and confirmed by modern science, yogis describe how there’s an all-permeating, all-present space (akasha) that connects the corporeal/human nature and the power of nature. From the akasha is the emanation of the elements. From the akasha, one inwardly governs the Earth. The outward form is only intellect (buddhi). The external objects are like a dream or hallucination (maya), and perceptions come from subjective phenomena (vasana). From the perspective of the Yoga Sutras, confirmed by modern science, if you change your mind, then you can change the environment. We collectively dream this world into being.

With consciousness of the identity of one’s own Atman-Self as Brahman and the whole extended world (prapanca), one's body is abolished and superfluous, when the whole purpose of meditation and scripture are attained and fulfilled its object. With the dissolution of the limitations (upadhis) in the heart, some come again to embodiment for the fulfillment of a mission (adhikara). The primary example of an Enlightened mission and reason to remain in embodiment is to promote the spread of Knowledge for the good of the world.

Truly this great Self in the heart space lies the lord and ruler and guardian of the universe and beings and holds these worlds together. One beholds all as the Self, free from evil, passion, doubt; one is calm, patient, and collected.


In the depths of one's heart is the power of creation and mastery over nature (vibhuti). ‘What the earth is, the body is; what the body is, the heart is.’ In bodiless bliss, one enters into the highest light and is embodied in the winds, clouds, lightning, thunder—the Self is the existent. It's a point of union (ckayanam). One enters into these divinities—Fire, Water, Earth—with this living Self, with breath, heart, intellect, faith, trust, piety (yoga), and lordship. The yogi expands their life energy and consciousness from the body into all space, actually feeling as one's own self the presence of all universes in the vast cosmos as well as every minute atom of the earth.

‘Consciousness alone exists. All that you see around you is in you. Nothing is external to the Self. Hridayama is the heart, the center of Self. Dhyana-meditation is thinking oneself to be Brahman-Absolute, who is existence-consciousness-bliss. When the mind has vanished you realize eternal peace. You see the body in the Heart; the world is also in it. There’s nothing separate from it. Yoga is ceasing to think that you are different from the Self or Reality.’ (Sri Ramana Maharshi).

The Vedic model of reality is, essentially, ascending levels of consciousness. Starting with the Earth realm with humans and the five elements, the next level is of subtle energies, including the spirits or devas of the elements such as Varuna (the deity of water) and Vayu (the deity of the wind/air, which is related to prana, the 'breath of life'). Then, beyond subtle energies, is Prakriti, the creative matrix and energy of which all matter is composed and the basis of empirical reality. Prakriti emerges from Purusha, all-pervasive Consciousness.

All of this is the reality of what exists on this side of Maya, the Veil of “illusion” of perception but not the true nature of the Reality of Self. The conceptualization of what's beyond the maya/veil, in the next level of consciousness, is Ishwara or Brahma, the Supreme Soul-God-Self, formless, limitless, transcendent and unchanging absolute. Above this, some traditions describe Mahadevi, the ‘great-divine’ or Creative Will to Manifest, Shiva/Shakti Witness Awareness and pure Love/Bliss, and, finally, paramashiva or parabrahman, the highest singularity of monotheism of Supreme Absolute Consciousness, the final Ultimate Reality without qualities, beyond all conceptualizations. Sri Aurobindo (1872-1950), a yogi philosopher and guru, describes the Vedic reality in his book, The Mother:

‘The Vedantic tradition's object is to draw back from world-nature, and arrive at the supreme realization beyond it. The tantric tradition leans on the Shakti or Ishwari aspect and its object is to possess and dominate the world-nature and arrive at the supreme realization through it. The Divine Mother is cosmic energy manifesting all beings and forces, and is the supreme tantric experience. The Mother is mediatrix between eternal One and manifested Many. Prakriti, the Nature-Force (not Mother), is a mechanism for the working of the evolutionary Ignorance as the mental, vital, or physical being is not itself the Divine, although it comes from the Divine, part of Divine consciousness.

‘If one realizes Self/Atman, there's only moksha, nirvana. If one realizes the cosmic self, dynamic and active, one realizes all as the Self, that Self as the Divine—all this is true, except ego attachment to “myself”; one is the child, servant, instrument. The Divine is the Master and the Self is inactive. The two aspects of self: passive, silence, witness, calm, inactive Brahman, and the second is active, cosmic spirit, universal.’

Science of Meditation

How are the intentions of a coherent mind able to affect matter? Science can quantitatively measure the effects of meditation on the brain and the body. The brain can grow rapidly: the number of neural connections can double in just one hour of repeated stimulation. Changing your brain is something you’re doing every day. Now it’s time to direct the process deliberately. Just as you upgrade the operating system of your computer or smartphone, you can upgrade your brain by changing your mind. (Mind to Matter, Church).

Knowledge is for the mind and experience is for the body. Now you are beginning to embody the truth and no longer have to consciously think about doing it. That’s when the skill or habit becomes the subconscious state of being. Now it’s innate and you’re beginning to master that philosophy. You have become that knowledge. Transitioning from philosopher to initiate to master; from knowledge to experience to wisdom; from mind to body to soul; from thinking to doing to being.

Apply these principles to embody the truth and to see the world differently. The definition of the truth in psychoanalysis is that something is true inasmuch as it is truly followed. The test lies in the truth-effect it unleashes in the patient, in transforming them.

Science is experimental, practical, rigorous, empirical, materialistic, objective, and intellectual. Metaphysics is spiritual, experiential, abstract, mystical, ephemeral, internal, imprecise, subjective, otherworldly, and sometimes impossible to prove. Science studies the world of matter while metaphysics seeks to transcend it. Most all scientists are asleep in the spiritual sense: they are unaware of their unawareness, the perfect blind spot. From the indigenous and yoga perspective, the exploitative materialistic world-view is a form of mental illness.

String theory posits that what we perceive as physical matter is actually composed of strings of energy. What we measure as heavy molecules are fast-moving energy strings, while what we experience as light molecules are energy strings that are vibrating more slowly. The closer science looks at matter, the more it looks like pure energy. String theory requires a universe with 11 dimensions, not just the 4 required by classical physics. How do our 4-dimensional brains contemplate 11 dimensions? Niels Bohr, awarded the Nobel Prize for quantum physics, said, “If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet.” Nobel Prize-winning physicist Eugene Wigner says that “the very study of the external world led to the scientific conclusion that the content of the consciousness is an ultimate reality.”

When we originate an idea in consciousness, we send signals into the universal field. Transmission requires hardware, in the form of the brain, as well as software, in the form of the mind. Signals traveling through neural pathways create energy fields, and those fields change depending on the content of consciousness. Healing involves field effects, whether local or distant.

There’s over a thousand studies showing that energy healing is effective for a wide range of conditions: Alzheimer’s, HIV/AIDS, anxiety, insomnia, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, asthma, low back pain, autism, memory, burnout, menstrual distress, burns, migraines, cancer, mood disorders, cardiovascular disease, motion sickness, carpal tunnel syndrome, obesity, children’s behavioral issues, pain, cognitive impairment, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), cortisol, prostate cancer, dementia, pulmonary disease, depression, skin wounds, diabetes, smoking, drug addiction, stroke, fibromyalgia, substance abuse, headache, thyroid dysfunction, high blood pressure, and so on.

This compelling body of evidence shows that consciousness—directed by intention, working through energy fields—can produce radical changes in matter.

You’re already turning thoughts into things. You’re doing it every day unconsciously. Now it’s time to do it systematically and deliberately. The field provides the blueprint around which the new cells organize themselves. Energy is not an epiphenomenon of matter; energy is organizing matter. Energy fields form the templates around which matter condenses. Change the field and you change matter.

We can heal ourselves as well when we adjust our consciousness to the frequency of healing. The matter of our cells responds to the energy of our consciousness. The energy field of each person is unique. When water passes through a person’s energy field, the shapes it assumes are always the same, while different from the shapes produced by any other person.

Einstein said, “What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.” Einstein also said, “The distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion”


The brains of meditators, intuitives, yogis and healers have a very different brainwave profile: they have much more delta than normal and much less beta. They're in touch with nonlocal mind, even when wide awake. Biofeedback and neurofeedback skills focus on teaching people how to get into an alpha state. The ideal state is enough alpha to link all of the other brain rhythms together. High beta is minimized, so that there is very little ‘monkey mind’ and anxiety.

The Awakened Mind state is common with high amounts of alpha. Lots of alpha creates a link between the high frequencies above and the low frequencies below. This is the alpha bridge, because it bridges the conscious mind frequencies of beta with the subconscious and unconscious mind frequencies of theta and delta. This allows a flow of consciousness, integrating all the levels of mind. “The awakening of awareness is like gradually awakening from sleep and becoming more and more vividly aware of everyday reality—only it’s everyday reality from which we are awakening!”

People whose brains show a high amplitude of delta during meditation report transcendent experiences. They describe feeling one with the universe, an exquisite sense of harmony and well-being (Johnson, 2011). Albert Einstein referred to this as an expansive state of consciousness in which we “embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature.”

The “Awakened Mind” pattern has large amounts of delta and theta, and lowered beta. Plentiful alpha provides the bridge between the conscious mind (beta) and unconscious and subconscious levels (theta and delta). When we’re in a state of bliss, our brains show the Awakened Mind pattern. A step beyond, one can also move to a symmetrical pattern called the Evolved Mind.

As our consciousness is filled with love, our brains function very differently, with large amounts of theta and delta, plus an alpha bridge to connect our conscious with our subconscious mind. While the meditation traditions offered very different teachings, from chanting to movement to sitting still, what they all had in common was a reduction in beta and an increase in delta. Dissolution of ego borders is the consciousness of meditators shifted into oneness with the nonlocal universal field. When their local self abandons its preoccupation with the body to merge with nonlocal mind, we see large flares of delta. The high-amplitude delta wave becomes stable when the meditators integrate the two states.

Once people start to make meditation part of their daily lives, they develop higher amplitudes of alpha, theta, and delta than they had before. Mystics describe their sense of local self fading into a merger with a universal nonlocal mind, the experience is echoed in the objective function of their brains. As their oxytocin spikes, they bond with the universe, and as their brains flood with anandamide, they enter bliss. Anandamide is called the “bliss molecule,” and it’s named after the Sanskrit word for happiness. It binds to the same receptors in the brain as THC, the primary psychoactive molecule in marijuana. When our minds enter elevated emotional states, we’re literally getting high—on drugs produced by our bodies.

The practical meaning of this statistic is that only 2.5% of the general population has the delta function we’re seeing in experienced meditators. Neuroscientists measuring the changes in brain waves during advanced workshops found that over the four days of a workshop, the brain’s baseline delta activity increases by an average of 149% (Dispenza, 2017).

Delta brain waves range in amplitude from 100 to 200 microvolts from peak to trough (ADInstruments, 2010). When testing people in EcoMeditation workshops, we often see amplitudes of over 1,000 microvolts. Sometimes we see surges of over a million microvolts. Most EEG equipment is not even able to measure so much delta. EcoMeditation combines tapping, mindfulness, heart coherence, and neurofeedback in a simple yet elegant package that integrates the benefits of all those methods. It’s a method can increase your levels of circulating stem cells, lengthen your telomeres, dissipate beta-amyloid plaques in your brain, improve your memory and attention levels, boost your serotonin, repair your DNA, regulate inflammation, boost your immune system, repair your skin, bone, cartilage, and muscle cells, power up your GH levels for cell repair, and enhance the neural connections in your brain.

This energy is matched by molecules like serotonin and dopamine, as well as the ecstasy neurotransmitter anandamide and the bonding hormone oxytocin. Sometimes such altered brain states are accompanied by rapid healing. During intense healing experiences, we often see high amplitudes of theta waves on the EEG. Theta has been mapped as the signature brain wave during energy healing sessions (Benor, 2004).

When a healer and client were both hooked up to EEGs, the client’s EEG shifted to the healer’s theta frequency, demonstrating entrainment between healer and healee (Hendricks, Bengston, & Gunkelman, 2010).

When a mother focuses her attention on her baby, the heartbeat of the baby is mirrored within the mother’s brainwaves. The emotional bond that exists between a mother and her children is now scientifically documented through studies that offer insights into the intuitive connection that we all can develop in relationships. The technical name for this intuitive experience is psychophysical coherence, often shortened simply to coherence. Intentional heart focus empowers us to consistently experience deep states of intuition when we choose, on demand. We can access our heart’s wisdom through five simple steps: focus, breathe, feel, ask, and listen.

Patients aren’t simply experiencing a psychological change; the way the brain organizes information is shifting too. This is more than simply a change in the mind. This is a change in the brain itself, as new neural bundles wire themselves together. When we record the brain waves of people having mystical experiences, we translate subjective states of consciousness into objective pictures of brain function.

Groups for whom high performance is critical are finding that tuning the brain in this way produces big leaps in achievement. U.S. Navy SEALs need to operate effectively in rapidly changing combat conditions. Using millions of dollars of advanced EEG equipment in a “Mind Gym” specially constructed in Norfolk, Virginia, they learn to enter a state they call ecstasis (Cohen, 2017).

Once they ‘flip the switch’ into ecstasis, their brains are in a state of flow, an altered reality in which super-performance becomes possible. Other peak performers, such as elite courtroom lawyers, Olympic athletes, and Google executives, also train themselves to enter ecstasis, selflessness and timelessness. People in ecstasis transcend the boundaries of local mind. EEG readings show that the prefrontal cortex of their brains, the seat of a sense of self, shuts down. In this state they gain a nonlocal perspective. They are open to an infinite range of possible options and outcomes.

Kotler and Wheal (2017) review the research on the performance gains produced by these brain wave states. These include a 490% improvement in mental focus, a doubling of creativity, and a 500% increase in productivity. These are linked to neurotransmitters: entering a state of bliss (anandamide), a sense of detachment from the body that encapsulates the local self (endorphins), local self-bonding with the nonlocal universe (oxytocin), serenity (serotonin), and the reward of being changed by the experience (dopamine). These are the characteristics of upgraded minds. As we map the physiology of these states and turn ecstasis into a learnable skill.

The phenomenon of heart entrainment at a distance (Morris, 2010) involves “a coherent energy field can be generated and/or enhanced by the intentions of small groups of participants. The evidence of heart rhythm synchronization across participants supports the possibility of heart-to-heart bio-communications.”

Emotions are contagious in the same way infectious diseases are contagious. (Hatfield, 1994). This isn’t only true of negative emotions such as fear, stress, and sadness. It is also the case for joy and contentment (Chapman, 2015). For example, when a person in the Framingham social network became happy, the chances that a neighbor, spouse, sibling, or friend would become happy increased up to 34%. Living within a mile of a friend who became happy increased a participant’s chance of happiness by 25%. When the frequency of our consciousness is love, we naturally connect with others who resonate with that shared energy field. Positive emotion and mood in a team member, especially the leader, enhances the performance of the whole team.

Emotional Contagion Shapes the world: emotions aren’t contagious just at the level of a team, family, or community. They’re contagious on the much larger scale of social networks. A massive experiment with 689,003 Facebook users found that emotional contagion doesn’t even require contact between people (Kramer, Guillory, & Hancock, 2014). Entire groups of people can come into emotional coherence, and their brain waves change, potentially generating a huge combined field. “Emotions expressed by others on Facebook influence our own emotions, constituting experimental evidence for massive-scale contagion via social networks.”

Many studies show that meditators have higher volumes of brain tissue, better sleep, fewer diseases, increased immunity, enhanced emotional health, reduced inflammation, slower aging, increased intercellular communication, balanced neurotransmitters, greater longevity, and less stress. Our transformed mental, emotional, and physical states then radiate around us. As we become happier, we affect the people we associate with. They in turn affect people around them, and the effects of mind change ripple through the community. Positive emotional contagion occurs.

There are about 84 billion neurons in the brain and each cell can connect with thousands of others, weaving an interconnected web of an estimated 150 trillion synapses (Sukel, 2011). During the previous day, your body replaced some 60 billion cells. The electromagnetic fields of our brains, generated by our consciousness, may produce direct effects on cellular regeneration and trigger the expression of beneficial genes. Meditation benefits include numerous biomarkers: gene expression, growth hormone (GH) levels, aging markers called telomeres, and numbers of circulating stem cells.

Delta is the wave that we see in EEG readouts when people are having a sense of connection with the infinite. They typically report mystical experiences in which the local self merges with the nonlocal self. Meditators with large amplitudes of delta feel connected to all of nature, to other human beings, and to the infinite. They lose the sense of being an isolated individual, or what Albert Einstein called the delusion of separateness. Instead, they experience oneness with all.

When our brains are producing delta, we are bathing our cells in a frequency that has the potential to produce a whole gamut of beneficial physiological changes at the level of our cells, from growing our telomeres and boosting our GH levels to regenerating our neurons and sweeping our brains clear of beta-amyloid plaques. We are not just having a nice subjective experience; in the delta state, we are creating an objective energy environment in which our bodies thrive.

Beta reflects the activity of the conscious mind, while theta and delta represent the subconscious and unconscious minds. The alpha bridge connects the conscious mind with both the intuitive wisdom of the unconscious and the nonlocal resource of the universal field. A truly integrated person is able to generate large amplitudes of alpha. This isn’t simply subjective self-assessments. They are objective biological facts that can be measured in DNA, neurotransmitters, and brain waves.

When you have a peak experience, the numbers change. The recipe your brain experiences when you enter an elevated state is different. Alpha swells from your usual 25 to 60 μV. Worry-driven beta shrinks from 20 μVto 5. Theta and delta balloon to 50 μV and 200 μV respectively. You have a profound inner experience of connection with the infinite field and feel one with all beings.

A coherent mind focuses the power of attention the way a laser focuses the power of light. People who achieve high levels of coherence are able to do extraordinary things. Remarkable research now shows that a coherent mind can literally bend the forces of the material universe. Studies demonstrate that the DNA molecule can be altered through intentionality. Both intention and coherence were required in order to alter the DNA molecules. The researchers suggested that “an energetic connection exists between structures in the quantum vacuum and corresponding structures on the physical plane,” and that “this connection can be influenced by human intentionality.” We think of material realities as facts, but in the quantum world, all possibilities exist simultaneously and then condense into probabilities.

The Global Coherence Initiative seeks to determine whether “large numbers of people creating heart-centered states of care, love and compassion will generate a more coherent field environment that can benefit others and help offset the current planetary discord and incoherence.” This process is expected to “greatly accelerate cooperation, collaboration, innovative problem-solving and intuitive discernment for addressing society’s significant social, environmental and economic problems.

We’re also then resonant with the corresponding global frequencies. We aren’t living our lives as isolated human beings but as resonant nodes that are part of a great universal whole. As we increase our personal coherence, we add our measure to the sum of coherence being generated by everyone else on the planet resonating in synchrony with those energies. In this way, we play a small but significant part in nudging the whole planet into flourishing.

There’s a rhythm of the human heart when in coherence. If we practice a relaxation method like the Quick Coherence Technique developed by the HeartMath Institute, our heart begins to beat in coherence. In that state, our individual human heart is sounding the same note as the slowest of the frequencies of Earth’s magnetic field (McCraty, 2017). It’s striking that the primary resonance of Earth’s plasma sheath as well as its harmonics fall into the same frequency windows as the primary human brain waves. Our mental states, generated by the fields our brains produce as they process information, resonate with the frequencies of the planet on which we live. When we increase a particular wave, such as the surge of theta that accompanies energy healing treatments, we increase our resonance with that planetary information signal. Planet and healer are entrained in an intense energetic union.

Earth’s field is hypothesized to be a “carrier of biologically relevant information that connects all living systems” (McCraty, 2015). Researchers performed a systematic review of 175 studies of biological fields. They suggest that coherent quantum frequencies regulate the processes of living organisms. The human electromagnetic (EM) field “communicates bi-directionally with a global EM field, via wave resonance [and] comprises a universal consciousness, that experiences the sensations, perceptions, thoughts and emotions of every conscious being in the universe.” (Geesink, 2016).

Fields permeate the cosmos, including our planet and our bodies. When resonance is established between macro and micro, such as between a Schumann and brain wave frequency, the macro and the micro can fire in coherence. Bodies entrain to fields, and two-way intercommunication occurs between them. Information flows between all levels of reality, including both mind and matter, permeating the emosphere, psychosphere, and magnetosphere. Large-scale fields exist around the planet and that they both entrain human consciousness and are affected by it (McCraty & Deyle, 2016).

“Travel between the worlds” of local awareness and nonlocal mind, bringing back wisdom and healing. Transcendent states become not an inadvertent happy accident, but a lifestyle upgrade that we have deliberately installed. You are now no longer local consciousness. You are now universal consciousness. You know yourself to be one with universal wisdom, with universal power, with universal intelligence, with universal love.

When you wake up every morning, simply align your consciousness with the highest possible frequency of which you are capable. Sit quietly, read the words that inspire you the most, and enter a contemplative state. Before you begin your day, before you begin to think or create, align yourself. Align yourself to the highest possible vibrational frequency that you know.

Align yourself with the most elevated energy field of which you are conscious. You align with creative genius, and you shape the world outside of yourself. One with the universe, you are one with every force and phenomenon in nature that is also one with the universe. One with the universe, you dance to the tune of the natural harmonics of creation, a world of peace, of compassion, of beauty, of opportunity, of wisdom

We see the ignorance, poverty, starvation, injustice, and cruelty in which our species has been bred for millennia. While a millennium of progress in science and philosophy has given us the first glimmers of enlightenment, human existence has been driven by the stark requirements of survival for most of our history. Out of this shared reality field of love, a new material reality is born. The material reality reflects the energy of the vibrational reality.

The War on Science

‘Don’t trust atoms. They make up everything.’ -Quantum Biology


‘It ain’t the heat, it’s the humility.’ -Yogi Berra


Modern orthodox denial of the efficacy and importance of the ancient soma rituals and siddhi abilities is a puritanical blanket that suppresses the most important Ancient Traditions. There's been a long a war on the science of psychic phenomena and psychedelics and it has retarded human evolution.

Psychic (psi) ability, called siddhis in yoga—including extrasensory perception (ESP) and the psychokinesis (PK) influence of physical things—has been undermined by thousands of years of negative propaganda. Psi (Ψ, ‘unknown’) evokes reactions similar to the prejudices of race, gender, sexual identity, religion, and ethnicity. The history of psi implies that people with psychic abilities are evolving into being more fully human, with implications of the possibility of a ‘superior’ race, especially with the psychic ability to change and evolve one's genetic expression. Homo sapiens as a bridge species to a superior race is a perennial idea. (S.L. Otto, Mooney).

From influencing the forces of nature to influencing the evolutionary process, psychics can be very powerful and so there’s been a strong resistance—which is primarily a resistance to look within, a resistance to self-realization, and a self-denial. Fear of people with powerful psychic abilities is the basis for the X-Men comics and movies. People are stuck in an inferiority complex with uncertainty about oneself, not measuring up to these higher abilities of siddhi- and enlightenment consciousness. This neurosis is part of the ecological catastrophe. As a species, we’re still infants, spending most of our time sleeping, pooping, crying, and afraid of the dark. People are not consciously connected with the global telepathic mind, the collective consciousness or the forces of nature. The collective’s disconnect from the natural environment is the root of the climate crisis.

The ignorance and denial of science and nondual reality is a general and fundamental problem. The willingness to deny what’s true is outrageous when it infects scientific topics like climate change (and siddhis and soma). For example, 82% of Republicans do not accept the scientific consensus that global warming is caused by humans. Misperceptions like this can ruin lives, economies, countries, and planets. Worse than denial, destruction of the environment is part of their agenda. Many Republicans are misaligned with reality and aligned with corporate, anti-regulatory, anti-government interests. The cost of this assault on society and reality is dramatic. These denalists tend to be more closed, fixed, certain of their views, and resisting of changes. Evidence doesn’t work to change their minds. There’s bias and motivated reasoning and so reason isn’t a very good tool for getting at truth. People are resistant to persuasion and closed-minded.

Scientism is the belief that science is the only valid approach to knowledge. Belief that science can replace philosophy is ignorance and hubris about the nature of reality. The science of physics models the elements of the game, but underlying reality is an issue of philosophy that requires different methods—it requires disciplined introspection and meditation. Phenomenology is the subjective experience of consciousness, investigated with regular meditation.

Science is a process carried out at universities, research facilities, and journals, for systematically pursuing knowledge about nature and ourselves, testing and retesting hypothesis. Follow the evidence where it leads. Science should respect the standards of evidence, peer review, and rigor. The problem is that empirical, scientific reasoning isn’t a very good tool for getting at the Ultimate Truth that transcends empiricism and the reasoning mind.

The expansion of consciousness described by yoga and the limits of cognition and perception described by Kant's Critique of Pure Reason, the apex of European Enlightenment, along with Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit, were not integrated into scientific consideration, leading to false empirical concepts and a scientific sphere of ignorance and delusion. It's time for a new synthesis of science and spirituality. This is happening but is not being diffused throughout society and culture. Climate Yoga is about recognizing this synthesis and its application to the climate challenge.

The so-called ‘new discoveries’ of modern science are often only rediscoveries of secrets well known to the priests and philosophers of ancient times. Man's inhumanity to man has resulted in the loss of records. Had they been preserved, they would have solved many of the greatest problems of civilization. Ignorant peoples obliterated the records of their predecessors, and then inevitably meet with an untimely fate for need of the very wisdom they have destroyed.

Ideology, myth, superstition, and ignorance gained the upper hand in determining the future of the developing world. There are restrictions on science research into consciousness and soma/psychedelics, in part, because over 40% of scientists are atheists and probably over 90% are materialists (not idealists).

Rather than honest debate and inquiry, there’s an unwillingness to do the experiments, meditation or soma themselves to have a direct experience with non-ordinary, nondual, yogic Reality. Scientific atheists are engaged in a desperate struggle over the nature or reality for centuries. It’s an ironic paradox how atheist’s doublespeak about being advocates of evolution and science while being anti-evolutionary and anti-science. Atheist scientists literally see this as ‘a war for the possession of the souls of man.’ (Otto). These ‘orthodox’ scientists use doublespeak when saying, ‘science is about objectivity and so saying ‘there’s no such thing as objectivity’ is anti-science.’

However, quantum physics has proven that science is not an objective measurement of material phenomena. When a scientist reports finding a molecule that kills cancer cells and the results are published in a reputable journal, we believe that they are true. When a team investigates a social phenomenon such as emotional contagion and provides a statistical analysis demonstrating the effect, we confidently assume that it exists. But what if all of science is swayed by the observer effect? What if scientists are finding things they expect to find, not just at the level of electrons and photons but stars and galaxies as well? What if the minds of scientists are shaping the matter they observe? What if the degree of belief scientists possess determines the outcome of their experiments?

Belief permeates and shapes the entire field of science. Scientists set out to measure something because they believe there is something to be measured. The beliefs held in the minds of scientists shape the material reality they discover at every turn. The expectancy effect is when you expect something to happen, you’re more likely to perceive it happening. Physicist Fred Alan Wolf speculates that “the laws of the universe may simply be the laws of our own collective minds.”

The ideal of the scientist as an objective assessor of facts is at odds with reality. Scientists are believers, especially in their own work. They cannot separate mind from matter. Science is not, in fact, the objective measurement of matter. It’s a dance between the inner consciousness, or mind, of the scientist and the material world of matter. Change your mind, and matter changes.

Lysenkoism is suppression of or refusal to acknowledge science for ideological reasons. There’s systematic willingness to misrepresent science, politicize science, undermine, alter, or interfere with the science process and scientific conclusions, for political and ideological reasons. With people’s bias, agendas, funding, social context, and assumptions, science is a source misinformation and undermines political decision-making.

Scientists and growth-economists are the high priests and authorities of modernity and western society today. They create confusion and doubt about spirituality, identity, and reality. The wealthy financier, scientist and scholar are the egocentric archetype: the ego works through intellect, confusing and misleading. People who look concerned with the public welfare of the people are, often unconsciously, manipulative and deceptive, sowing doubt, confusion, and uncertainty, the scourge of spiritual people on all paths of Enlightenment.

‘The fragmentation of knowledge and the isolation of bits of information can actually become a form of ignorance. Unfortunately, the tradition in western science has involved significant hubris and arrogance.’ (Pope Francis, Laudato Si: Care for Our Common Home)

Democracy’s science problem is that a well-informed voter should be at the heart of modern democracy. Inaccessibility makes science and technology a matter of belief, vulnerable to disinformation. Many authorities and voters are ignorant of the science of the climate and the science of yoga. Anti-science includes misinformation and confusion over the causes of diseases, cancer, electromagnetic pollution from electronics, GMOs, fluoride, chemtrails, drugs, consciousness, and climate change. Anti-science attacks are effective because of confirmation bias. Dumbing down of people for ideological reasons is an authoritarian tactic. The dumbing down also involves the loss of science journalists, and systemic problems with the mainstream media. It’s easier to sow confusion and misinformation than generate reliable knowledge. Science manipulation costs lives, the integrity of democracy, and civilization.

For example, fraudulent science—very similar to the cigarette industry—is used by justify government recommendations for the consumption of meat and dairy. However, meat and dairy consumption is shown to be responsible for about 80% of human diseases, death, and healthcare costs. Meat and dairy is also responsible for upwards of 51% of total global emissions, a primary driver of climate change. Obviously, this ‘food’ system based on unbelievably toxic and violent mass-slaughter of non-human animals for food needs to be dramatically changed. It’s an essential climate change policy.

Meat and dairy are fundamental issue that underlies the culture of death and ignorance. The Vedas consider meat eating the grossest form of ignorance. Eating meat is the logical result of human supremacism and speciesism, creating arbitrary and irrelevant differentiations between humans and non-human animals to justify their exclusion from moral consideration or legal rights and therefore justify objectification and violent exploitation. This is the core of carnism, the hidden and systemic violent ideology of the 99% who choose to unnecessarily ‘harvest’ and consume animals, their reproductive ‘products’, milk and eggs. People exploit animals in numerous ways for their desires and ‘pleasures’ that are really a root cause of suffering—individually and collectively.


Most climate and psychic ‘skeptics’ are just uninformed and prejudiced. A bigot has ‘preconceived, unfavorable, feelings towards people because of their beliefs, values, social class, age, gender, disability, religion, sexuality, race/ethnicity, language, nationality, etc. and with unreasonable attitudes that are unusually resistant to rational influence.’ Saying there’s no evidence of psychic abilities is dishonest bigotry and not based on the best science. For example, the impossible $1 million Randi Prize is ostensibly for people to prove PK is scientific, but the Prize is controlled by one man doing a publicity stunt. Meanwhile, decades of research by real scientists have proven objectively the reality of PK and ESP.

Most all skeptics of climate change and siddhi abilities are just ignorant, not skeptics. Climate change and siddhis have been subjected to systematic investigation using the scientific method, to discover empirical evidence for them. Siddhis are human capabilities based on prana, akasha, and other factors explained by yoga and sankhya metaphysics but currently unknown or unrecognized by orthodox science, defined by the Science Delusion.

The Science Delusion (Sheldrake, 2012) defines ten core beliefs most scientists take for granted, including (1) everything is mechanical, (2) matter is unconscious, (4) the laws of nature are fixed, (5) nature is purposeless and evolution has no direction, (7) minds are inside heads, the activities of brains, (9) unexplained phenomena like telepathy are illusory, and (10) mechanistic medicine is the only kind that works.

Skepticism is not doubt, denial or cynicism towards a knowledge or belief. Real skepticism is defined as inquiry and investigative activity based on the gap between reality and appearance, to set out oppositions because one cannot assert any proposition without a contradictory assertion. (Outlines of Skepticism, c.150 CE). The warping and domination of this philosophy is a significant force of ignorance in modern science and philosophy and it’s having disastrous impacts for climate science, siddhis, and soma.

Today’s ‘skeptics’ try to use ignorance and negation and the result is often apathy. The original, therapeutic purpose of skepticism was to lead people to tranquility, calmness, and peace of mind, suspending judgment, doubt and criticism. Today’s ‘skeptics’ emphasize doubt and criticism. Most skeptics are brainwashed by the 'merchants of doubt' who neglect or reject knowledge that have important practical implications to limiting fossil fuel assets by tens of trillions of dollars. Because of the implications and the politics, industry and skeptics modify, warp, and abandon scientific truth.

It is urgent to know how to meditate and then practice what we have learned. The skeptics fail totally. Skeptical people will not succeed in entering an awakened or enlightened state. Skepticism exists because the skeptic is ignorant and ignorance is the outcome of a sleeping consciousness, unaware of facts. Yoga 'skeptics' do not invest time or effort in learning and developing their awareness and remain committed to a limiting ideology.

The persons most prejudiced against a concept of non-ordinary, awakened reality are those who have never experienced it. This might be termed cogni-centrism, the analogue in consciousness of ethnocentrism. You avoid the pitfalls of ethnocentrism by learning to understand a culture in terms of its own assumptions about reality, called cultural relativisim. Yoga tries to create cognitive relativism. One’s usual cultural belief systems and assumptions about reality are essentially irrelevant. Knowledge can only be acquired through individual experience. You must learn the methods. The effective practices of yoga requires self-discipline and dedication. (Harner).

Yogis and scientists are both in awe of Nature and pursue research into the mysteries of the universe and believe that the underlying causal processes of the universe are hidden from ordinary view. Yogis are empiricists who practice and experience with their senses.


Yoga vs. Materialism

Modern ideas of skepticism, separateness, materialism, and scientism are like a virus or a sickness that weakens people's consciousness and physiology. It spirals out of control and affects the whole. The present framing of the cultural debate in terms of materialism versus religion has allowed materialism to go unchallenged as the only rationally-viable metaphysics. Yoga’s metaphysics is a coherent framework upon which one can interpret and make sense of every natural phenomenon and physical law, as well as the modalities of human consciousness, without materialist assumptions. Scientific materialism has absurd implications and obstructs the road to the future. It’s a dying paradigm that brought us ecological disaster.

According to the yoga framework, the brain is merely the image of a self-localization process of mind, analogous to how a whirlpool is the image of a self-localization process of water. The brain doesn't generate mind in the same way that a whirlpool doesn't generate water. It is the brain that is in mind, not mind in the brain.

Society’s worldview and cultural zeitgeist defines the beliefs of the time about what’s impossible or unbelievable. Today’s crisis-consciousness involves militant skepticism, material consumerism, militant atheism, and religious fundamentalism. Western materialism pervades our expectations, values, and goals. If there’s only matter, one desires material success, which drives people to work long hours. This subconscious assumption is an epidemic, a virus.

The scientific worldview involves mechanism, physicalism, materialism, and reductionism. This is contrasted to the Perennial Philosophy, which says consciousness is fundamental, primary over physical world, everything is interconnected, and there’s only one consciousness. Science is defined, ‘to know, distinguished by separations.’ The fallacy is assumed duality. In reality, reality depends on observation (An experimental test of non-local realism, Paterek et al., Nature, 2007):

'Most working scientists hold fast to the concept of ’realism’ - a viewpoint according to which an external reality exists independent of observation. But quantum physics has shattered some of our cornerstone beliefs.... Experiments with entangled pairs of particles have amply confirmed these quantum predictions, thus rendering local realistic theories untenable...


Ordinary classical physics is part of the mass-consciousness ignorance, which is a mass-illusion of only seeing separateness, integers and natural numbers, ignorant of the non-ordinary physics of the quantum-subconscious and the sub-quantum-gnosis-consciousness, represented by the symbolic language of math’s irrational, imaginary, complex, and hyper-complex numbers. The unenlightened, primordial ignorance is being unaware of the nature of mind and reality. The primordial amnesia is when we forget our true nature, our clear-light mind, and stray from this Atma/Christ consciousness within.

A shift from separateness and duality to oneness and unity is when the space between us dissolves and we are finally able to become one; one body, one soul. This is where we become the embodiment of the divine lover. This is the place where true intimacy and true ecstasy exist. Connect to the divine. There's no barrier between you and creation; no distance between you and your Creator. You're in alignment with Source. This is where incredible Beauty, Ecstasy, Truth, and Freedom exist.

Those awakened beings that contact reality have real power, because it’s the power of truth. At a conventional level, this is why we respect scientists. Scientists work with the foundations of relative reality, which can literally create thermonuclear power. Scientists often displace religious authorities as the high priests of our age because of the power invested in them from the truth of relative reality. Spiritual masters who contact absolute reality have even more authority. The powers of the awakened mind, of a buddha, are inconceivable. Some fortunate individuals will open up to the fact that mental and spiritual qualities or dimensions beyond the ordinary do indeed exist.

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