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What is Erik's Yoga?

Overview of 3 Courses

  • Yoga of Transcendence

  • Yoga of Civics

  • EcoYoga

2023: New Year's Resolutions

The Yoga Perspective

The Yoga Network
200+ Million Yogis Globally

Landing Pages for Every Video


Video + Audio, 

Timestamps of All the Topics

Show Notes

Sources, Links, Affiliates

Related Videos

Introductory Videos


Who am I? (Erik, Jiva, Atman/Brahman)

What is Yoga? + What is Erik's Yoga? 

Yoga of Christmas Blessings

2023 Schedule: Programs + Events

The Yoga Perspective: Map of Reality

3 Courses

Overview of the 3 Courses

Course 1 Videos: Yoga of Transcendence

Course 2 Videos: Yoga of Civics

Course 3 Videos: EcoYoga

July 4th Event

Political Parties!

Peace Assemblies

Grievances + Petitions

Speeches: Constitutional Idealism


Weather + Climate Technologies

Job Training

$Trillion-dollar Valuation

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