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Yoga is more than being a simple model for living sustainably. It's more than the teachings of the sacredness and divinity of material reality. Yoga also includes Ishavasyam (omnipresent divinity throughout and within nature) and the interconnectedness of all creation; Dharma (duty to protect the environment and respect for creation); Karma (good behavior and choices to protect the environment); offerings of gratitude, devotion, and protection to the Earth Devi-Goddess; ahimsa non-violence, the greatest dharma, including a vegan diet; and sanyasa asceticism as restraint in consumption and simple living. Yoga includes and transcends the Rigveda mantras to the rivers, mountains, trees, animals, and earth. These are all important Yoga and Hindu values, but also, Yoga is a mystical practice to see the expanded Self in Nature. The result of an expanded yogic consciousness is that one has creative abilities and powers to create changes in the heavens.

Climate Yoga Experience

From the Upanishadic perspective, the external world is a phenomena within. From the Yoga Sutras perspective, imbalances of carbon dioxide and temperature are imbalances of citta mind and prana life-force. The Climate Yoga goal is therefore to (a) harmonize our relationships with deities of Nature and/or (b) ‘control’ of our transpersonal citta and prana, a practice known as dhyana meditation, and pranayama, to facilitate rebalancing these energies and forces.

Climate Yoga is for people who are highly motived to solve the climate crisis and to demonstrate a negative emission lifestyle. The heart of the practice is the mystical experience of oneness and unity with nature. It’s the practical application of the realization of nature as an extension of our consciousness. In that state, one can purify the atmosphere and the waters and create rainclouds and rain down bliss.

Yoga is generally for people seeking self-realization, truth, enlightenment, and liberation. When applied to the climate crisis, yoga is about how when we control the wanderings of the mind, we can focus our consciousness in the heart, which is felt as profound love, light, and pure beingness, vibrating in harmony with everything in Nature as an extension of our Dreamtime of Holographic fluidity of possibilities, for example, by accelerating a forests' photosynthesis and biosequestration, a pranayama respiration to facilitate the carbon life cycle. Climate Yoga is about using our abilities in a selfless service (seva) to Mother Earth and all Earthlings. More people are answering a deeper call to be of service, and yoga can significantly facilitate people's effectiveness.

Yoga is about our shared desire for enlightenment and the climate is about our shared planetary environmental home. Climate change unites the world. Climate Yoga practices can be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime. The original Rigveda yoga practice was about ‘yoking’/connecting with one’s highest Self and singing about climate stability, nourishing rains, cooling clouds, and abundant fruits.

Yoga is a relatively simple and easy way to focus on cooperating with the climate as an energetic extension of our Selves. It involves a strong desire and visualization of helping and healing an object of focus, becoming one in unity with the object of concentration, expanding love, and controlling prana. It’s an evolutionary responsibility.

The global public views climate change as a top priority issue, especially as more people experience increasingly severe and catastrophic consequences of the Climate Emergency. With the application of yoga, we recognize the climate crisis as an opportunity for self-realization, which is, according to many, the whole purpose of and priority for being on Earth. From the yoga perspective, the climate crisis is an opportunity to accelerate spiritual evolution. However, in the end, fruits gained from influencing one’s external environment is temporary, can cause suffering if we’re not aligned with our highest purpose, and doesn’t solve the ultimate suffering of the cycle of birth and death.

Warnings about focusing on powerful siddhis are important. They represent the illusions of lower consciousness. I hope and trust that compassionate, beneficent, selfless people will use these powers and control of prana and prakriti, for the benefit of all Earthlings and all Kingdoms of Life. I trust that people who focus on climate siddhis will maintain an enlightened, informed, knowledgeable, balanced, and ethical perspective about our interactions with nature spirits and the emergence of nature from unmanifest consciousness, from the nondual to dualistic reality. These are incredibly powerful (subatomic) forces and unethical misuse can cause great harm. It’s critical to ensure that our motivation is for the best interests of all sentient beings on earth.

The purpose and motivation of Climate Yoga is the same as the focus of yoga 12,000 years ago: to facilitate days, seasons, and generations with good weather, good crops, well-being, health, wealth, and abundance. The first step in this process was to yoke/merge with the Sky God Indra, with a ceremonial offering with Agni, God of Fire, and Soma, King of Plants. With a very strong, heartfelt prayer and praise, the yogi would sing hymns to ask for the blessings of Surya-Sun, Vayu-winds, Prithivi-Earth, and others. The first Rigveda yoga practice was to provide rain during droughts— for Indra to defeat Vrtra.

To facilitate this practice, Soma blesses the yogi and gods with satchitananada: the truth (sat) of our unity-consciousness (chit) and being pure bliss (ananda)—the ‘Ground of Being.’ From this ecstatic state of soma-consciousness, reality is experienced as consciousness, light, energy, and vibration—an ‘enlightenment’ experience and awareness. From this perspective, the yogi can see how the art and science of deity meditation is critical to effective Climate Yoga practices.


The Moon was gendered from his mind,

And from his eye the Sun had birth;

Indra and Agni from his mouth were born,

And Vayu from his vital breath.

Forth from his navel came mid-air

The sky was fashioned from his head,

Earth from his feet

And from his car the regions.

Thus they formed the worlds. (Rigveda 10.90.13-14, Purusha-sukta)


The original purpose of yoga was to help guide people to directly experience the ‘nonordinary’ reality of our Atman, our true selves, as one with the Plants, Forest, Ocean, Storms, and Earth—Everything. Expanding our sense of self, one realizes our all-pervasive nature, as a microcosm of Ishvara/Brahman/Krishna/God. The word 'Brahman' means, 'in whom all the attributes reach to the infinity.' It means the Supreme Person and Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is Sri Krishna.

Atman, our true inner Self or soul, is unborn, eternal, and omnipresent. Moksha-Liberation is knowing one’s true Atman-Self is a microcosm identical with Brahman, the Ultimate Reality of the universe. On the way back from Brahman or cosmic consciousness, one engages in the play (lila) of the game of life on Earth (or one of the other planets or infinite planes or dimensions of existence). The outermost Atman, Ananda-maya Kosha, the causal body, can effect change in Nature and the Cosmos.


Image: Five Energy Bodies, or 'Koshas', 'sheaths' covering the Atman


Yoga meditations with Rigveda hymns focused on climate stability can be integrated in yoga studios and practices. Yoga teachers in general should adopt a strong position and leadership role for environmental consciousness and sustainability. This could catalyze a quantum leap in the collective consciousness. Bringing balance to our health in body and mind is compatible with developing a practice of focused meditations on CDR, SRM, and other environmental priorities. The next step in the in the yoga movement is for yoga sangha communities to become spiritual leaders of and models for the climate movement.

One of the primary purposes of life is to discover that there's more to you than you know; to discover this reality of infinite changelessness beneath the world of change at the core of every human being. This infinite, eternal reality is also the realization of immortality of Spirit and the transcendence of fear of death. This view of the world involves a significant expansion of our idea of self to Self, and it has to be experienced for an authentic shift in worldview, values, behavior, and culture. You then begin to see the climate crisis very differently. You see new possibilities and new solutions. Ken Wilber describes the mystical experience as: ‘a person temporarily dissolves the separate-self sense (the ego) and finds an identity with the entire environment or gross or sensorimotor world. Suddenly there is no looker, just the forest—and you are the forest. You are not in here looking at the forest out there. There is just the forest, and it seems to see itself, or you seem to be seeing it from within. The forest is closer to you than your own skin. You don't look at the sky. You are the sky. You are a ‘nature mystic,’ which some call Eco-Noetic Self or Over-Soul or World Soul.’

The heart of Climate Yoga is that we can dissolve our consciousness into nature (prakritilaya) and, through the conscious Will of the human instrument, Nature is able to evolve. This has enormous climate implications. This is a learnable siddhi-power that is a result of daily samyama meditation practices.

Our inner circulatory system is a microcosm with an energetic interconnectedness with the outer rivers and streams; our lungs are a microcosm with an energetic entanglement with the outer atmosphere; and our skin and tissues are a microcosm entangled with the soil. Harmony and balance within ourselves is influenced by our consciousness and it is reflected in the glorious manifestation of nature without. As within, so without.

With yoga, there's a change in attitude about our body's ecology and a change in attitude about the larger ecology of the planet. Sensitivity to our inner nature creates sensitivity to the outer world of nature. Ecological reform starts with ourselves until, ultimately, we see ourselves unified with the environment as One. “Objects” in the world are both real and an illusion of limited consciousness. The “ordinary” experience is of a limited sense of “I” that is separate from what one sees “out there.”

Space-time and causation begins with mind. Atman-Self is beyond space-time and causation, infinite, the one Over-Soul, The Real Man therefore is one and infinite, the omnipresent Spirit. The apparent man is a dim reflection of the Real Man, who is beyond. The Spirit, free, unlimited by space or time. Man appears to be bound but really is not. (Secret Teachings, Knapp).

Albert Einstein said, ‘A human being is a part of the whole called by us 'Universe,' a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.’

As Einstein also said, we cannot solve problems with the same state of consciousness that created the problem. The way we see the problem is the problem. The goal of Climate Yoga is to see the climate problem differently—to see the world's biggest problem as the world's biggest opportunity for a quantum leap in collective consciousness. To solve climate change, our consciousness shifts from dual to nondual oneness. The goal of Climate Yoga is to see the unity of our individual consciousness as one with the consciousness of Nature, and to develop Self-mastery.

Yoga is the practice of disciplining the mind-body-spirit to optimum capacity. It's the practice of mindfulness, compassion, grace, and love through all actions. It's achieving enlightenment and bliss for yourself to share with others. Enlightenment is usually considered being in meditative openness, graceful compassion, and worldly wisdom. The quintessential error of asking what Enlightenment is, is that it creates a temporal duality between an unenlightened present and a hoped for Enlightened future, projecting the goal ahead in time rather than it being ever-present here and now. In Enlightenment, one sees the life force that permeates the world: the entire area surrounding oneself lights up. The entire field becomes illuminated.

There's no separation between you and the grass and the trees. You are breathing with one breath, beating with one heart. You feel the Earth as a living organism, having breath. You become a cell in that body.The internal rhythms are mirrored with the rhythms of creation. When the trees breathe in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, our lungs mirror that movement, by breathing in the oxygen that is generously given and releasing carbon dioxide back to the trees—without thought or effort. Our entire being is harmonized with the vibrational reality and divine reality that surrounds us. The illusion and myth of separation is at the heart of the lies and power structures. People forget we're connected to one another and to a divine Source. The climate crisis and destruction of Earth has happened because people are blinded by the belief that humans are separate from and superior to nature.

The Yoga Sutras are practical instructions to achieve samyama as supreme consciousness and to achieve samadhi-Enlightenment. Yoga is a method for awakening, to attain higher consciousness, to attain superhuman capacities and purity of action. It’s the ability to direct the mind with complete absorption toward an object without distraction. Yoga is 'the art of all work.' (Gita 2.49). Yoga's two meanings are: (1) union with the divine, the goal of human life; and (2) a scientifically arranged curriculum of self-training, study and practice directed to that end.

With enlightenment, samadhi, and self-mastery, the natural result of higher consciousness are powers of consciousness. However, ego-identification with the incredible siddhi-powers of consciousness is an ignorance that leads to an abuse of power, a superiority complex, a fall from grace, imbalance, and chaos. This is why most spiritual traditions keep this knowledge secret from the ordinary people who have not dedicated themselves to ethics and self-mastery. This is similar to why the secrets of atomic energy are kept secret from those without the proper scientific training, security clearance and accountability because of its destructive potential. The even more powerful spiritual secrets of subatomic energies are generally kept secret from those without the proper ethical foundations. However, in the spirit of creating a culture of Enlightenment, the Climate Yoga project seeks to reveal these spiritual secrets to anyone who is interested in spiritual and environmental leadership.

Until more people have these self-realizations and self-actualizations, the climate crisis will worsen. Most people suffer from a crisis of consciousness and identity that undermines their values and their lives. Leaders who want to change society should not only model the changes they wish to see, they must also internalize the original, perennial spiritual values and create a new vision.

The implication of this shift in worldview is also the profound realization that you are the storm; you are the forest; you are the ocean; you are the glaciers; you are all the people and earthlings; you are the Earth; you are the universe; you are the multiverse; you are the Bang. I AM.


I am the storm god Marichi. I am the purifying fire god Pavaka. Among bodies of water I am the ocean. Among mountains I am the Himalayas. Among human beings, I am the king. Among weapons I am the thunderbolt. There is no end to my divine attributes. Just remember that I AM. ~ Krishna (Bhagavad-Gita).

The shift in worldview from ordinary to non-ordinary is a quantum leap in consciousness. It's an awakening to the underlying quantum Reality of entanglement. It's an Enlightenment and it causes non-ordinary evolutionary development. Without this shift in worldview the climate crisis is predicted to quickly become a climate catastrophe in the 2020s; it could destroy civilization as early as the 2030s, and, soon thereafter, it could extinguish homo sapiens. Impending catastrophe is surprisingly possible and likely according to advanced supercomputer models. However, focusing on the catastrophic potential makes it more likely. Likewise, focusing on the enlightenment potential makes the enlightenment era more likely. This is our time to shine, when it matters the most.


Strive constantly to serve the welfare of the world. By devotion to selfless work one attains the supreme goal of life. Do your work with the welfare of others in mind. ~ Krishna (Bhagavad-Gita).


The benefits of yoga are many: it calms, relaxes, renews, energizes, and strengthens. It heals, helps with sleep, willpower, sex, satisfaction, and represents the far boundaries of what it means to be human. The aim of yoga is active meditation while being involved in worldly activities. Ultimately, the goal of Yoga is Samadhi: to unify oneself with the object of meditation in an extraordinary state of super-consciousness. The goal of Climate Yoga is to develop siddhi powers to rejuvenate rivers, lakes, forests, grasslands, and the oceans; to prevent catastrophic storms, and to help facilitate Earth's quantum leap in unity- and super-consciousness.

Climate Yoga is primarily based on Raja/Royal yoga, a systematic process to experience mystical self-realization, a path defined by Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. Raja yoga includes service (karma) yoga, devotional (bhakti) yoga, purification (hatha) yoga, the Eight Limbs of (ashtanga) yoga, and knowledge and reasoning (jnana) yoga.

Reading or studying Climate Yoga is a practice of jnana yoga, and it is also karma yoga as an applied meditation, which can be combined with physical hatha yoga, especially with chakra yoga to align and optimize the energy body with breathing (pranayama) practices, and to awaken your kundalini-shakti.

Climate Yoga involves the manifestation of unity-consciousness as the “supernormal” ability and power to influence the environment. It's only “supernormal” because so few people are trained in it, but the abilities and powers are accessible to anyone who trains. Traditionally, the Vedic Yogic training was about 15 years, but can be dramatically accelerated and, in some cases, instantaneous.

The “supernormal” powers (siddhis) to influence the external environment in service of others is a manifestation of one's super-consciousness and divinity, and is a natural part of the path to Enlightenment. However, the siddhis are also a potentially egotistical distraction, and, if not trained in universal virtues, a dangerous distraction from one's ultimate goal, whether samadhi, liberation (moksha), nirvana, or Enlightenment.

The source of power of the mystical nature of yoga involves the ability to merge one's consciousness in unmanifest nature (prakriti), to manifest nature (isatva), to be a master of nature (prakrtilaya) and to be a master of the elements (bhutajaya). The prakriti-layas are those who, with sattvic ego, know the unmanifest nature in asmita or asamprajnata samadhi, and are merged in nature (prakritilayanam), where consciousness has expanded to embrace prakriti itself. Prakriti is energy that enlivens the world and prakriti-layas are in the flow of creative activity. In these states, one exists in the supreme blessedness of beatitude (divya ananda). The Vedas and Yoga Sutras describes the process to achieve this powerful state.

The Upanishads (800-500BC) is a clear shift away from sacrificial rituals in the Rigveda to a philosophic quest for ultimate underlying reality underpinning the external world (Brahman), localized living beings (atman). Atman-purusha is the size of the thumb, dwelling in the heart. The Self is seated in the hearts of all. The Vedanta is systematized teachings of the Upanishads about the relationship between Brahman (Absolute Truth) and atman, the localized aspect of Truth. (Yoga Sutras, Bryant)

Yoga emerged from the old Vedic sacrificial cult, with hymns used for material goals. The Vedic ritualists were striving to attain the attractions of the celestial realms by sacrificial rites. Because of desire, after they’ve enjoyed the fruits of their good deeds, they return back down to this inferior world. ‘Foolish and ignorant’, they perform rites and rituals with the goal of attaining enjoyment and power.

Modern societies share attributes with Vedic ritualists: the goal of life is ever-increasing material abundance and sensual gratification, usually manipulating the environment in damaging ways. The only difference is the technologies used: mantras and ritual versus machine-based industrial technology. Malaise, dissatisfaction, unsatisfied desires are our eternal enemy and the more we strive, the more we damage ourselves and the environment and perpetuate samsaric existence with a mindset of consumption. The yoga alternative is perennially relevant to human existence.

Yoga as primarily asana postures is a modern Western phenomenon with no precedent in the yoga tradition until c.1350 CE with Hatha Yoga Pradipika. The Western practice and purpose of asana yoga, ironically, is for improving sensual prowess to maximize physical and mental pleasure. This modern goal represents a regression in attitude from Vedic ritualists.

Yoga has many definitions. It's control of the senses. Yoga involves a number of techniques of ancient India; it's a practical method for an experienced-based transformation of consciousness. It’s is a psychosomatic technique of meditative practice. It’s a disciplined activity, with earnest striving, seeking the atman vision of purusha via control of the mind. Yoga is liberation of the individual atman through focus on psychological mechanisms and techniques for purusha’s liberation.

The highest dharma is to see the atman. Yoga is rigorous discipline and concentration for direct perception of atman, which is liberation. The goal is to free atman from the world of suffering. The goal of yoga is to extricate pure consciousness from the mind and external senses. Yoga is a system by which the practitioner can directly realize one’s purusha, the soul, the innermost conscious self, through mental practices. The Maharabhata defines yoga as ekagrata-concentration and pranayama. (12.294.8). The Bhagavad-gita (‘Gita’, c.1500 BC) considers yoga “ancient” (4.3).


Imagine being in peak consciousness, alert, with an activated subconscious (delta, theta) and a bridge (alpha) to active superconsiousness (beta, gamma). (You can see your state of consciousness with EEG devices such as Muse, NeuroSky, or Emotiv.) This highly engaged state of mindfulness is calm, relaxed, tranquil, and content. You enter into a clear mind, focused on the natural breath, focused on the sacred space of the heart; breathing in and out love, connected in a pillar of light to the earth and the cosmos. Your body and mind is calm and clear. From this sacred space, you practice yoga.

Climate Yoga is a simple, easy, and ancient practice, to meditate at sunrise and sunset each day, to give thanks for the amazing life we have, to give thanks to the Sun (Surya, Ra), to Mother Earth (Prithivi, Gaia), and thanks for the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, our family, all our relations, and the beauty of our environment—and acknowledgement of our Oneness. We need to wake up and realize that the Earth is our mother as well as our home. Being aware of all of our connections and relations, we naturally want to eat better food, drink better water, and practice yoga. This optimizes our experience of life because it’s the natural dharma. Not following our individual and collective dharma is at the heart of the climate crisis.

Climate yoga catalyzes the evolution of individual and humanity’s collective-consciousness and relationship with Nature and Reality. It facilitates the possibility for an impending shift in collective consciousness to a new awakened state, an Era of Enlightenment, and an era of radical sustainability. It’s a radical transformation in our relationship with ourselves and the environment.

The Vedas say that to purify the atmosphere, practice yajnas. A yajna is an expression of gratitude towards all things that govern our lives. One of the yajna’s is bhuta-yajna, ‘offerings to all living beings.’ This involves feeding birds and animals, planting trees, watering plants and mindful usage of natural resources. Contemporary yajnas are planting thousands to millions of trees, sacrifice to end deforestation, ending the horrible slaughtering of animals, offering enjoyment and sustenance to all, and working for a local food cooperative. A higher interpretation of yajna is that it’s a sacrifice of our ego, our separateness, to enter into the mystical realization and truth of the eternal presence. Making yourself meditate feels like sacrifice at first, until you realize it changes Reality.

Most people are addicted to modern technologies, cell phones, computers, cars, electricity, and other luxuries and comforts of modern civilization. These modern developments and addictions are generally very toxic to our consciousness and our environment. Most of this technology disconnects people from Nature, overheats the atmosphere of our minds and creates conflict and slave labor.

Climate Yoga involves breaking our addictions and boycotting and banning toxic products made from slavery—the cell phones, computers, foods, clothes, and foods. Boycott products of genocide and ecocide—especially industrial meat and dairy products. Soma can help people end addictions to cigarettes, alcohol, opiates, and all other drugs, and restore people’s connections with their higher selves and Nature. These issues are part of the Climate Yoga yajna sacrifice.


The goal of yoga is samadhi, which is an exalted state of unity, transcendental, transpersonal, quantum consciousness. In samadhi, the yogi can merge consciousness with the unmanifest nature (prakritilaya) and can manifest nature and the forces of nature. Or, from a slightly different perspective, the yogi becomes friends with the deities of nature, the personification of the forces of nature. Gods who began as simple personifications of aspects of nature, over time, acquired elaborate mythologies which personalized them. Each encompassed certain activities of others and the divisions between them became blurred.

The original Rigveda samadhi-bliss principle was soma, the easiest and most direct way to merge consciousness with Nature. A Brahman-Priest facilitated the experience and focused one's consciousness. Yoga developed into other ways to achieve samadhi, including mantras (“tools of the mind”), mudras, pranayama, asanas, and, most importantly, meditations—and depending on your preference. The Sutra's Raja 'Royal' Yoga is the synthesis (c.200 CE). Climate Yoga is another synthesis of samadhi, siddhis, ancient yoga, and our contemporary transpersonal, universal, planetary desire to bring harmony and balance to ourselves and the Earth.

There are very important reasons why hundreds of generations of our ancestors invested so much time and energy into the preservation of the Vedas, written on leaves, which constituted humanity's first library. They are considered sacred texts and divine revelations. A major thread (sutra) weaving the fabric of the Vedas are the hymns about the merging of the poet with the powers of the gods. The Vedic hymns and mantras are a portal to god-consciousness and for tapping into essentially unlimited life-forces.

Traditionally, samadhi is triggered with the recitation of the Gayatri Mantra (Rigveda 3.62.10). This mantra bestows wisdom and enlightenment and is performed daily at sunrise. It includes adoration for Savitur, the Divine Mother, source of all light and life; and our illumination and inspiration. This marks the beginning of the study and practice Yoga, including Climate Yoga, the practice of sacred knowledge of forces of nature.


Om Bhur Bhuvaḥ Swaḥ

Tat-Savitur Vareñyaṃ

Bhargo Devasya Dhīmahi

Dhiyo Yonaḥ Prachodayāt


The climate crisis is a crisis of consciousness. Climate psychosis, ignorance, arrogance, hypocrisy and death-consciousness pervades society and infects almost everyone. People are suicidal, ecocidal, insane and violent. These are the dominating thoughts and vibrational frequencies of the collective. These energies are literally emanating out into the atmosphere, contributing to violent storms and chaos. The psychic toxins and suffering in society is literally damaging the environment. Climate change is not just about greenhouse gases.

Most people are sleepwalking into disease and death, individually and collectively. Yoga can wake people up to the insanity of the situation and provide the guidance to shift perspectives. People need to realize their incredible powers of consciousness to change reality and effect the environment—to revitalize the atmosphere, oceans, rivers, the forests, the harvests, and so on—and to experience the bliss and ecstasy of Atman-, Christ-, and God-consciousness. The goal of Yoga is to help align people with their Dharma (purpose).

Imagine someone refusing to plug in their computer because they don’t believe in electricity. They can’t see it and they don’t understand how electricity or computers work, so they don’t think it’s real. Obviously, this is foolishness, ignorance and limiting. Climate Yoga is about the fact that everyone has a quantum supercomputer above and below their shoulders, that can transcend space and time, but it needs to be plugged into the Akashic, or zero-point field (ZPF). If it’s plugged in, you can literally change the weather and the climate, upgrade your genetics, go interstellar, and be showered with bliss. Are you going to plug into the ZPF? Are you going to upgrade your hardware (body), operating system (OS), and software (beliefs)?

Instead of vital life-force, people feed themselves toxic junk that prevents optimal functioning and blocks their connection. Is it worth it? Fleeting sensual pleasures undermine people’s connection with eternal divinity. Instead of tuning into a higher state of consciousness, people suppress consciousness with alcohol, meat, TV, addictions, and refuse to believe that higher states of consciousness exist. People’s operating systems of the brain/heart bio-computer suffers from outdated programming, viruses, and creates an experience that’s limited, negative, and dark. It’s time to plug our consciousness into the quantum reality. Quantum consciousness is the operating platform for the next era of technological innovation, including interstellar travel. It’s free and universal to use our inner technology. And thousands of people are doing it. The biggest barrier to access is people’s outdated programming, limiting beliefs, doubt, skepticism, lack of effort, and knowledge that this is even a possibility. Climate Yoga is about spreading the good news (being 'evangelical') about this possibility: we can reach higher states of consciousness and in the process, we can solve climate change. Solving climate change is just the tip of the iceberg.

The power of your quantum consciousness is a 1,000 times more powerful than any other technology. People hype-up the power of smart-phones, computers, artificial intelligence (AI), artificial reality (AR) and holographic reality, and as amazing as they are, you also have free, universal access to quantum-consciousness, which is interdimensional, nonlocal, and transcends space-time, with enormous implications. You can merge consciousness with the creative and powerful forces of Nature, to materialize clouds to cool the Earth, to accelerate photosynthesis, to enrich plants, to heal the waters, to calm storms, to produce nourishing foods, to detoxify pollution, to materialize abundance, wealth, peace, harmony, and an awakening of the collective consciousness. You need to plug-in.

Move the dial of your consciousness from the 'ordinary' 3D and 4D into 5D and 6D-quantum-consciousness. You can access simultaneous realities of 5D-Beingness in the all-pervasive quantum field and the 4D-human experience on Earth. You can train yourself to turn the dial with meditation. If you turn the dial all the way up, you can dissolve the world and merge with the Clear Light, Void, and Unmanifest. As you dial it back, you begin to control your conscious awareness of pure consciousness (purusha) and the materialization of matter and reality. Yoga is the science and practice of controlling our state of consciousness.

With mature spiritual realization, merging into the Void or Brahman effulgence is a great mistake, a way to cheat liberation by merging in the Supreme, for this causes the permanent disappearance of loving service to Krishna. (Adi.1.92, Caitanya-caritamrta).

The Yogi's mission in life is Samadhi. Yogis also need to help save planet Earth from fatal destruction, be a guide on the evolutionary path, expand consciousness, and have a higher expectations of what the journey of life should be, with samadhi super-consciousness.

It's simple: tune into higher frequency, the field of energy, the Oneness of All. Tap into the energy fields, available to everyone, a source of power, to become a co-creator of reality and communication with extra-dimensional beings. Manifestation through thought and force of love, with opening the heart center. Mastery on Earth is manifestation of thought, powered by the mind-heart-will-consciousness, with visualization. (Milanovich)

Increase your frequency/vibration and channel love—the secret for evolution. Acknowledge and respect the godlike forces within. The purpose is the development of higher consciousness in Earthlings, to awaken the children of Light. Adorn yourself with robes of this higher frequency of heart-love-light consciousness to enter the Golden Age of Peace.

The top priority is meditation and prayer, visualizations and manifestations, which can do more good than any single action. Many are dedicated to assisting all Beings with Enlightenment, for any soul who wishes it. The moment for a quantum leap into the future is nearing the critical mass point. The delay is causing a crisis for the beloved Terra. For mastery, purify your physical, increase vital energy from your heart center, rid your body of toxins, to become a source of higher energy and power and connection with Higher Self. This is the mission of the souls on Earth. The fate of the world lies in your hands. Re-examine your ways of life and behaviors, with respect and diligence. However, most humans resist change and the new and higher dimension. Earth experience is forcing people to face their fears, overcome obstacles that prevent them from seeing the light.

Use your heart as the primary organ for seeing Truth. With collective visualization, focusing energy, one can see clearly how important group work and meditating is to the process. The process of Enlightenment is to remove blockages for the flow of prana energy, appreciate life-force/prana, to become God Force and learn to channel unconditional love, knowing Oneness.

In Samadhi, one can learn to “be in” and hold the frequency in a specific vibration, and to thereby increase photosynthesis in any ecosystem you want. You pick challenges to go beyond the limits and boundaries of what's established as possible. You are a 5D super-being.

The goal is to have a profound shift in consciousness, and to regularly access that peak-consciousness of self-actualization and transcendence. Once you access it, it will get easier and easier and more controllable. Stabilize that peak consciousness in our daily lives, with morning and evening meditations. Technologies to measure our EEG brainwaves and EKG heart rhythms and soma to awaken our third eye can help at first, but the goal is to transcend these. Climb up the pyramid of consciousness from a solid grounding in our Earth- and root-chakra, up into heart-, third-eye-, and crown-chakra consciousness, on a daily basis until your chakras are perpetually activated and aligned. This is the goal of yoga.

Climate Yoga integrates the world’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs, also known as The Future We Want Agenda), the Drawdown priorities (Hawken), and other issues described in the Policy Platform & Priorities. Similar to the original Rigveda yoga practice, Climate Yoga seeks to cultivate, amplify, synchronize, and channel people’s focused thoughts, prayers, and consciousness, for the benefit of the collective, to create climate stability. Overall, the vision is to be a powerful force for climate stability and the rapid evolution of the collective consciousness.

Climate Yoga involves our expanded energy body. Philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin coined the term noosphere, sometimes translated as orb of awareness, to describe the field of consciousness produced by humankind. It’s an orb of consciousness of everything in the field. It includes humanity’s collective emotional consciousness. Yogis can consciously become part of the field of healing and raise the vibrations in the noosphere of humankind and the planet.

Climate Yoga clearly sees matter different than materialists. Our body has complex energies and forces that expand out, based on our state of consciousness. Yoga trains us to see Reality in a way that’s experiential, verifiable, and informed by the best available science. With coherence and synchronicity with thousands of others meditators around the world, we can connect with the noosphere, also called the unity consciousness grid (UCG), which is part of Earth’s atmosphere. It’s everyone’s transpersonal 8th Chakra. Climate Yoga is about expanding our conscious awareness of these energies.

Remarkably, about 50-70% of Americans have had a “mystical experience.” A mystical experience was defined in this Pew poll as a “moment of sudden religious insight or awakening.” The mystical experience, first fleeting and then developed, is also defined as a sacred experience of Reality beyond the ordinary, beyond intellect, beyond reasoning. It’s a direct, personal experience and connection with the sacred, Divinity, God, the Absolute, Ultimate Reality—including the Prusha-Prakriti consciousness.

Climate Yoga is a very practical application of the mystical experience through yogic training, following the relatively simple Yoga Sutras, to develop siddhi powers. Having the mystical experience, one sees how yoga and mysticism worldview and practices are the primary way to solve the climate crisis.

The mystical state is described as absorption or union with God, the Absolute, Source, the Source Field, the Zero Point Field, the Divine Matrix, the Holographic Universe, or any number of other conceptualizations that are attempts by the creative, rational and mathematical mind to understand this reality and to catalyze a shift in worldview and consciousness. Mysticism involves the “lifting of the veil” of materialism and separation and generating a new worldview.

By definition, the mystical worldview beyond space-time is normally concealed, veiled, mysterious, and transcendental. There is a vast, infinite array of subtle levels of Enlightenment described by the Vedas, Yogis and others. “The supreme Reality stands revealed in the consciousness of those who have conquered themselves.” (Gita).

The yogi and mystic simultaneously lives in both the Earth-realm and a different, higher plane of reality. The mystic’s goal is revealing, uncovering, and unveiling the quantum, mystical Reality beyond space-time—the causal plane of Reality of the Source Field. From this level of consciousness, we discover our ability to unify our inner- and outer energy fields and channel the infinite potential energy from the Source Field. Climate Yoga is an attempt to describe how the various practices of yoga helps people attain mystical consciousness—and how yoga can be part of the climate solution. 

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